Comsol Multiphysics GmbH invites engineers, scientists, researchers and students to participate in the COMSOL App Contest. Whether you are new into simulation or experienced in using COMSOL Multiphysics, an application expert or a student the App Contest is the platform to share your experience with a great community. The App Contest is a chance to learn how to create an App, improve App building skills and compete with other App designers.

In most organizations, only few engineers are trained and experienced to set up complex simulations. However modern product and process design largely benefits from mathematical modelling and demand for a solution that gives a larger number of experts access is steadily growing. Applications change the way organizations work with numerical models. They expand the power of simulation to a wider audience, allow for focusing on the engineers task, reduce developing time, and encourage innovation for better, optimized products. An easy solution is to wrap such complex model and build an intuitive and specific user interface all colleagues can use: a simulation application. Apps make simulation accessible throughout an organization offering the potential to revolutionize the design workflow.

COMSOL offers all participants of the App Contest to make use of the comprehensive training opportunities: Check out our video tutorials, read the introductions and watch the free Application Builder Online Training. The Online Training is the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the concept of making simulation apps out of models.

All participants are invited to show their results and share their experiences at the European COMSOL Conference in Munich, Oct 12-14, 2016. All App Contest participants only pay the reduced presenter submission fee (€145 registration before 16/09/2016, €245 registration after 16/09/2016). Please write "App Contest Participant" into the comment field of the registration form.

App Contest Deadlines:

Beginning of App Submission: August 1, 2016

App Submission Deadline: August 31, 2016

Join the App Contest under submit your Simulation Applications until August 31, 2016.