Keysight Technologies Inc. and National Applied Research Laboratories (NAR Labs), Taiwan, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a strategic partnership on research and development of 5G communication technologies. Both parties are committed to working together on the 5G enabling technologies as well as prototype verification and evaluations with a goal of enhancing future Taiwan wireless communication innovations.

The partnership between Keysight and National Chip Implementation Center (CIC) of NAR Labs started with mmWave front-end circuit design technology. The collaboration will lead to the launch of the next generation of high-speed broadband mmWave wireless communications experimental networks.The system will include a Keysight PSG Vector Signal Generator, 12 GSa/S Arbitrary Waveform Generatorand an Infiniium Oscilloscope. Keysight’s SystemVue 5G Baseband Verification Library will accompany these world-class hardware solutions. This advanced software library dramatically increases productivity for system architects and baseband physical layer (PHY) designers by providing trusted algorithmic-reference and signal processing capability for 5G technology research.

“CIC performs advanced research in 5G technology under the Taiwan government’s strong support,” said Ching-Hua Lo, president of National Applied Research Laboratories. “The successful operation on high-speed broadband mmWave wireless communications experimental networks will meet local industrial companies’ measurement challenges and contribute to value-added services in order to fulfill the government’s technology-driven economic objectives. I am also very pleased that our engineers will be using the SystemVue 5G Baseband Verification Library from Keysight. This will help speed up our work moving from design to test to the verification of our prototypes.”

“Keysight is actively involved in 5G standards development and is fully committed to innovating the solutions needed to accelerate deployment of the next generation of wireless communications,” said Allen Chang, Keysight Taiwan general manager.“That’s why we are so proud to be collaborating with NAR Labs on 5G communication-link technology. It not only represents a significant advance in the realization of 5G, but also paves the way for future research and development of mmWave communication systems.”

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