Ethertronics, the leader in ultra-high performance smart antenna system solutions, and SIRIN LABS AG, a revolutionary new entrant to the mobile technology arena with one simple goal: to bring tomorrow's technology to customers, unveiled the SOLARIN smartphone. Designed to deliver the most advanced personal technology, fusing the highest level of privacy and connectivity with uncompromising quality. The SOLARIN lavish and luxury smartphone is the most advanced mobile device that combines the highest privacy settings, operates faster than any other phone and was built with the best technology and materials from around the world.

"We talked to leading technologists, industry experts and searched the globe for the best partners to create SOLARIN. When it came to antenna technology, Ethertronics were the natural choice for a global smartphone of tomorrow," said Fredrik Öijer, VP Product, SIRIN LABS. "We don't need to wait a couple of years before bringing the most advanced technology to our customers. We can offer them tomorrow's technology, today."

To achieve this, SIRIN LABS has brought together a network of highly skilled suppliers and partners, capable of the most intricate engineering and united by a common determination that complexity must not stand in the way in the pursuit of excellence, combined with a refusal to accept compromise.

"Consumers want the fastest broadband and superior connectivity," said Vahid Manian, COO, Ethertronics. "Our active antenna supports SIRIN LABS' ability to deliver reliable and worldwide connectivity -- satisfying the needs of the on-demand, multimedia generation. We are proud to work with SIRIN LABS, to add to its innovative legacy, impressing millions of smartphone and technology enthusiasts and fanatics around the world."

And to deliver on that expectation of excellence across the phone, SIRIN LABS turned to the latest Ethertronics active antenna system to deliver these unmatched features:

  • SOLARIN is a truly global phone: SOLARIN delivers the highest performance connectivity, enabled by Ethertronics complex antennae arrangements coupled with 24-band LTE compatibility, setting a new benchmark in global usability. SOLARIN's conventional Wi-Fi™ delivers high-performance connectivity. It supports 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO (multi user multiple input, multiple output) technology, offering up to three times the speed and capacity of conventional 1x1 configuration.
  • Advanced carrier aggregation technology combines multiple LTE carriers for wider bandwidth, providing a faster, clearer connection. Through its partnership with Ethertronics, the SOLARIN smartphone is the only phone in the world to support next generation 3 carrier aggregation with MIMO, for LTE Advanced smartphones.
  • Unparalleled Audio: Includes the richest and loudest mobile phone speaker systems available. SIRIN LABS turned to Ethertronics to develop a new benchmark for smart phone speaker systems. Ethertronics provided the design and assembly for the beam forming audio and state-of-the-art sound system, that uses three bass-boosted speakers, all linked through a smart amplifier to maximise volume but control distortion, producing a clear unsullied sound. 

Where to Buy

SOLARIN is available online, at SIRIN LABS first store in Mayfair (34 Bruton Place), London from 1 June and Harrods, Knightsbridge from 30 June.


The Ethertronics smart active antenna system is currently available today. For additional product information, please contact

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