L-3 Telemetry & RF Products (L-3 T&RF) announced  that its new Advanced Flight Termination Receiver (AFTR-925) has successfully completed Range Commanders Council (RCC) 319-14 qualification testing at the company’s San Diego, Calif. facility.
Passing this stringent series of testing ensures the receiver performs at the U.S. Department of Defense’s required level of safety and reliability during installation, test and flight at any Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB).
“This important milestone allows us to offer the only analog flight termination receiver able to meet RCC 319-14 levels and expands our telemetry and Flight Termination System (FTS) suite of products for flight test,” said James Yates, vice president of business development at L-3 T&RF. “We are now working with regulatory agencies to finalize the enhanced waveform feature, which will enable us to provide range safety requirements for the next generation of flight termination receivers.”
Small in size (4.5 cubic inches) and weight (5 ounces), L-3’s AFTR-925 is designed for key weapons development programs, providing modern component technology and packaging techniques while retaining the reliable functional and environmental integrity of previous designs.
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