Anritsu Co. (Booth #949) will showcase its high-frequency test solutions that address the complex challenges associated with emerging microwave and millimeter wave (mmWave) designs, such as automotive radar and 5G, at IMS2016. The VectorStar® and ShockLine™ vector network analyzer (VNA) families, both of which feature Anritsu’s patented nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology, and the new Signal Analyzer MS2840A with mmWave waveguide mixers will be on display in the global test leader’s booth.

“As we continue to see more complex design requirements at higher frequencies, engineers require test solutions that can provide them with confidence in their microwave and mmWave products and concurrently meet time-to-market and development cost goals. Anritsu’s vector network analyzer and signal analyzer solution portfolios allow engineers to accurately and efficiently test devices and systems used in connected cars, 5G and other applications while reducing development time and associated costs,” said Paul Innis, vice president and general manager of Anritsu Co.

A measurement system featuring the VectorStar MS4640B VNA and MG3710A RF signal generator will conduct modulated measurements in the Anritsu IMS booth. The VNA will be configured with 200 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth to explore device characterization under modulated conditions. To achieve this level of performance, the conventional VNA architecture includes a wideband receiver rather than the narrowband mixers commonly found in other VNAs.

For mmWave signal analysis on automotive radar devices under test (DUTs), Anritsu will display the MS2840A with the High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2808A. The mixer supports excellent phase noise performance in combination with the MS2840A, which is essential in automotive radar to ensure the device can detect objects at short distances and those that move slowly. For example, phase noise performance is better than –100 dBc/Hz in the 79 GHz frequency band with an offset of either 10 kHz or 100 kHz.

Recognizing the growing need to verify E-band devices cost efficiently during production, Anritsu will demonstrate the E-band option for its ShockLine MS46522B 2-port VNA. It is an economical solution for conducting accurate measurements from 55-92 GHz in manufacturing environments. Other applications utilizing the ShockLine MS46500B performance series of VNAs will be demonstrated, as well.     

A broadband VectorStar VNA – the ME7838A – will also be in the booth showing on-wafer device characterization covering frequencies from 70 kHz to 220 GHz.

Shared Technologies

Anritsu VNA technology will be on display as part of technology demonstrations in other exhibitor booths at IMS 2016. A two-port VectorStar VNA will be in the Signatone booth (#703) as part of a system conducting mmWave on-wafer device characterization. Diamond Engineering (booth #1650) will feature two ShockLine VNAs and a VectorStar model to conduct measurements on a variety of antennas. A VectorStar MS4647B 4-port VNA will also be in the DVT booth (#3451) as part of a showcase of VNA calibration verification boards.

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