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Z-Communications released two new K-Band power and driver amplifiers. The PAC18700T and DRC23000M combine high output power and gain with superior linearity. Packaged in a module with SMA connectors and an integrated power supply that only requires a single bias, the amplifiers are quick and simple to install.

The PAC18700T provides over 30 dBm saturated output power, greater than 26 dB gain and 50 dB isolation from 17.7 to 19.7 GHz. The amplifier was designed to operate from -40° to 55°C and includes a temperature compensated power detector with 30 dB of dynamic range. The power detector can be used to control gain and ensure consistent output power. The amplifier’s linearity is exceptional, with a third-order intercept point (OIP3) of 46 dBm. The PAC18700T operates from a single +5 V power supply, and the package measures 1.43" × 1.53" × 0.6".

The DRC23000M is a driver amplifier that delivers greater than 16 dBm output power and 20 dB gain from 20 to 26 GHz. OIP3 is 26 dBm, helping designers seeking a driver with minimum nonlinear effects for high gain amplifier chains. The DRC23000M also operates from -40° to +55°C and requires a single +5 V supply, typically drawing 300 mA. The DRC23000M package measures 1.2" ×1.05" ×0.6".

Both the PAC18700T and DRC23000M are well suited for satellite communications, commercial and military radar systems and point-to- point radio.

Z-Communications Inc.
Poway, Calif.