Anritsu Co. and TRX Systems announce that they have entered into a partnership whereby Anritsu’s industry leading handheld analyzers are integrated with a 3D Indoor Location and Mapping solution from TRX Systems to create the industry’s first automatically geo-referenced RF signal mapping solutions. The MA8100A series TRX NEON® Signal Mapper simplifies and dramatically reduces the time required for indoor signal testing, making it an ideal solution for professionals who conduct in-building testing of public safety and commercial networks, including public safety organizations, network operators, and DAS installers.

The MA8100A uses TRX Systems’ unique NEON® Tracking Unit along with NEON® Signal Mapper software to deliver real-time 3D location information for indoor test and measurement applications. The TRX NEON Signal Mapper solution can be configured with any Anritsu handheld instrument that features a spectrum analyzer, including the Spectrum Master™, LMR Master™, Site Master™, BTS Master™, Cell Master™, and VNA Master™ models.

Integrating the TRX Systems NEON® Signal Mapper’s capability to automatically collect geo-referenced test data with Anritsu handheld analyzers provides numerous benefits. It eliminates the need to manually perform "check-ins" at each test point by automatically calculating indoor location so much more data can be gathered. An automatic indoor location and path estimation feature removes conventional data recording errors caused by "guesstimating" locations in large buildings. It can also deliver actionable data in areas not easily analyzed, such as stairways and elevators, by recording and referencing measurements in 3D.

The unprecedented data gathering capability and geo-referenced 3D visualization feature of the MA8100A enables quick analysis of signal coverage so users can resolve problems faster. Measurement results can be seen in color grades, as well as 2D and 3D views. The MA8100A also provides end users with centralized access to all of the location information that has been logged via the included Cloud Service. Users with Internet access can easily access and visualize in 3D the previously saved building maps and measurement results from anywhere.

The NEON Signal Mapper Application features an intuitive Android user interface that makes it easy for technicians of any experience to easily and accurately map signal and sensor information both inside and outside of buildings. Users can initialize their location, start/stop mapping and load mapping data to the cloud to enable centralized access and visualization.

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