High Power Amplifiers
These high power amplifiers are designed specifically for communications applications at 24, 18 and 38 GHz. The MMIC-based units are available in production quantities and are field proven. Specifications include frequency ranges of 24.5 to 26.5 GHz, 27.5 to 28.5 GHz, 28.5 to 29.5 GHz and 38.5 to 40 GHz; P1dB of 30 dBm (min); IP3 of 38 dBm (min); gain of 50 dB (min); noise figure of 6 dB (max); and a temperature range of -40° to +75°C.
QuinStar Technology Inc.,
Torrance, CA
(310) 320-1111.

Digitally Controlled Amplifiers
These fully integrated, digitally controlled amplifiers feature three types of digital control panels: a two-line display version with IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces and diagnositics, (including system interlock) a four-line display version that includes automatic level control and forward and reflected power monitoring, and a graphic display version that includes a 4.75 diagonal display, menu-assigned softkeys, rotary knob, dedicated switches for control and status reporting and an IEEE-488 interface. The type of display is dependent upon amplifier output power and the number of functions that need to be controlled.
Amplifier Research (AR),
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181.

50 W PCS GSM Amplifier
This GaAs FET class AB linear amplifier provides 45 dB of gain and 50 W (min) of GSM output power in a single, rugged, reliable assembly. The unit serves the forward-channel transmission requirements of a typical PCS system. Specifications include a frequency range of 1930 to 1990 MHz, gain flatness of +/-1 dB (max), gain variation with temperature of 1.5 dB (peak-to-peak) (max), noise figure of 6 dB (max), SWR of 1.5 and operating temperature of -30° to +75°C baseplate.
Chesapeake Microwave Technologies Inc.,
Glen Rock, PA
(717) 235-1655, ext. 112.

Class A Linear Amplifier
The model ARD178228-300 class A linear amplifier operates from 1750 to 2120 MHz with an output power of 300 W. The unit covers both the L- and S-band satellite uplink frequency bands in a single amplifier. Gain is 55 dB (min) with +/-1.5 dB small-signal gain flatness. The unit operates from 0° to +40°C. An integral IEEE-488 control/monitor interface is also included. Size: 17.5" x 19.0" x 26.0" (including three-phase AC power supply).
Comtech PST,
Melville, NY
(516) 777-8900.

Ka-band Low Noise HEMT Amplifiers
The FT series Ka-band low noise high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) amplifiers offer low uncooled noise temperature performance in a small, lightweight package. Noise temperatures down to 130 K can be provided. The CF series low noise, thermoelectrically cooled HEMT amplifiers offer state-of-the-art performance in a low cost, lightweight and compact package for easy antenna mounting. These units include monitor and alarm circuitry on supply voltages, drain currents and internal temperature. The FT and CF series units operate from 18.55 to 20.2 GHz and 20.2 to 21.3 GHz, respectively, with an input/output SWR of 1.3 (max), IP3 of +18 dBm and operating temperatures of -30° to +50°C and 0° to 50°C, respectively. Standard gain is 40 dB with 50 dB available as an option.
LNR Communications Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY
(888) 567-7858 or (516) 273-7111.

1 - 30 MHz Power Amplifier
This high performance, 200 W RF power amplifier covers the frequency range of 1 to 30 MHz with 45 dB of gain. Features include automatic current limiting, forced-air cooling, a current meter, and overcurrent and thermal protection. The amplifier is also available as a DC module in a small, high efficiency package. AC power is 120/220 V AC and connectors are N female. Size: 19" x 18" x 7". Weight: 35 lb.
LCF Enterprises,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-8454.

Low Noise Drop-in Amplifier
The model MSH-7412401-DI low noise drop-in amplifier provides a low noise figure of 2.5 dB (max) at 13.75 to 14.5 GHz. The unit is designed to be unconditionally stable with an internal voltage regulator and reverse-polarity protection. Specifications include an output power of 18 dBm, gain of 30 dB and input/output SWR of 2. Delivery: stock to three weeks (ARO).
Microwave Solutions Inc.,
National City, CA
(619) 474-7500.

6 - 18 GHz LNAs
The JS series low noise amplifiers (LNA) operate from 6 to 18 GHz with noise figures from 1.35 to 2 dB. The units are miniaturized for coax or microstrip interface and feature a hermetically sealed chassis.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 436-7400.

2 W Solid-state Amplifier
This 2 W solid-state amplifier is designed for use in LMDS networks and repeater systems, and operates in the 27.5 to 28.5 GHz frequency band. The unit features gain of 11 dB (typ), P1dB of +32 dBm, input and output SWR of 1.8 and DC supply power of 5 V. WR28 or WR34 waveguide connectors are available as well as 29 mm connectors in male and female configurations.
mm-Tech Inc.,
Eatontown, NJ
(732) 935-7150.

6 - 18 GHz Amplifier
The model PE1-22-0618-12/-7-SFF 6 to 18 GHz amplifier features gains up to 40 dB. SWR is 2 (max) and P1dB is rated at 13.5 dBm. The amplifier uses MMIC technology for consistent performance from one amplifier to another. The unit is packaged in an industry-standard 0.56" x 1.08" housing that can be used for drop-in or connectorized applications.
Planar Electronics Technology,
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-5019.

175 W, 50 W Amplifier Pallet
The model VF175-225 50 W amplifier pallet incorporates microstrip technology and MOSFET transistors to enhance ruggedness and reliability. The unit can be cascaded or combined to achieve various gain and output power levels. In addition the amplifier features an output power of 175 W at 48 V DC and a power gain of 15 dB. Delivery: stock.
RF Gain Ltd., a division of Richardson Electronics Ltd.,
LaFox, IL
(800) 348-5580 or (630) 208-2200.

Thin-film Cascadable Amplifiers
The A511/SMA511 series discrete, thin-film cascadable amplifiers are available in hermetic surface-mount, TO-8 and SMA connectorized packaging. The units operate with a +15 V DC bias with a gain of 17 dB, noise figure of 3.4 dB and output power of 21 dBm. Units can be customized to meet exact frequency, performance and environmental screening requirements for commercial, military and space applications.
Stellex Microwave Systems,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 321-8075.

Constant-phase SDLAs
The models MSD0206LA-1 and MSD0206LA-2 constant-phase successive detection logarithmic amplifiers (SDLA) operate from 200 to 600 MHz. The MDS0206LA-1 provides 72 dB of dynamic range with a linearity of +/-0.75 dB, rise time of 10 ns (typ), fall time of 15 ns (typ) and input/output SWR of 1.5. In addition, the limited output level is 0 dBm, PM-to-AM performance of the limited output is 0.3°/dB and unit-to-unit phase tracking is +/-2° over the frequency range. The MDS0206LA-2 SDLA provides 70 dB of dynamic range with a linearity of +/-0.75 dBm, rise time of 12 ns (typ), fall time of 28 ns (typ) and input/output SWR of 1.7/2. The limited output level is +9 dBm (min), PM-to-AM performance of the limited output is 0.3°/dB and unit-to-unit phase tracking is +/-2° over the frequency range. The standard versions of both SDLAs operate on -15 V DC, 120 mA current with +15 V DC, 20 mA current available.
Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems,
Lansdale, PA
(215) 996-2222.