GigOptix Inc.  a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor communications components for use in Cloud connectivity, data centers, and high-speed optical and wireless networks, announced leadership position in point-to-point (PtP) wireless backhaul with delivery of high performance E-Band radio system in package (SIP) products.

“We are proud to announce the availability of engineering samples of our first E-Band Transmitter and Receiver in a Small Form Factor Surface Mounted Package,” said Andrea Betti-Berutto, CTO of GigOptix Inc.

The EXT7611-SSI/EXR7611-SSI and EXT8611-SSI/EXR8611-SSI SIPs are the System in Package (SIP) Transceivers part numbers, respectively, for 71 to 76 GHz (Low Band) and 81 to 86 GHz (High Band). The Transmitter SIP integrates a high performance two GaAs chip solution with 20 dB of available gain, OIP3 of 29 dBm and output power dynamic range control higher than 25 dB. Transmitter SIP provides features such as envelope detector and power detector outputs for the best optimization of transmitter signal over noise and output levels. The receiver SIP integrates a GaAs LNA and a SiGe BiCMOS down-converter, provides a typical Noise Figure of 5.5dB, excellent linearity and maximum available gain of 76 dB over temperature. Baseband Filters up to 750 MHz and Baseband VGA are integrated on chip, as optional features, and selected by two wires digital interface. Both the Transmitter and Receiver are designed to meet both FCC and ETSI requirements.

“This is an exciting time at GigOptix for the wireless product team with such exceptional performance SIPs release in the market. This is the first transceiver package product of our roadmap to support the continue demand of higher data-rate in wireless applications. The experience gathered by our team in development of the E-Band transceiver is fundamental for GigOptix’s participation in the upcoming 5G market,” said Mr. Betti-Berutto. “GigOptix’s roadmap continues to lead the industry with improved performance, lower costs, and higher levels of integration.”

The E-Band radio market is entering its maturity stage with significant volume deployment and is on the way to becoming one of the most deployed band for wireless back-hauling of hundreds of thousands of radios for 2016. The upcoming 5G market is expected to dramatically increase the demand for mmWave radios for Backhaul, Fronthaul, and Access.

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