Rogers Corp.’s Power Electronics Solutions (PES) group will be showing examples of its latest advances in busbar power management technology at the upcoming APEC 2016 conference and exhibition. to be held March 20-24 at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, Calif.  

Visitors to Rogers PES’ Booth 1437 will have the chance to learn more about the new compact design ROLINX® CapEasy and ROLINX® CapPerformance capacitor-busbar assemblies and their outstanding high current and low inductance capability solution. (

These latest additions to Rogers ROLINX® busbar family have been combined with Power Ring Film Capacitor™ technology from SBE Inc., resulting in capacitor-busbar assemblies with extremely low inductance and high power density capabilities. These enhanced busbar assemblies enable smaller, lighter electronic designs with higher current handling capabilities in support of a wide range of applications, from automotive electronics to solar-power and wind-power systems.

ROLINX CapEasy offers typical DC voltage ratings to 1.5 kV and power ratings to 1 MW, while ROLINX CapPerformance busbars extend the voltage capabilities to 12 kV and the power-handling capabilities to several megawatts. The addition of the metalized polypropylene film capacitors, with their low ohmic resistance and outstanding heat-transfer capabilities, brings a significant reduction in equivalent series inductance (ESL) and equivalent series resistance (ESR) to the capacitor-busbar assemblies and makes the ROLINX CapEasy and ROLINX CapPerformance ideal for applications where size and weight must be minimized without sacrificing power handling capabilities.

ROLINX CapEasy and CapPerformance will be on display for the first time at APEC 2016, one of the world’s leading events for applied power electronics. Visitors to the Rogers PES booth can learn more about both busbars in addition to the many other ROLINX and curamik® product lines designed for high-power design and thermal management.

PES Design Support Hub Resource for Engineers

Rogers PES brings its 40+ years of experience together in a handy online resource that is available 24/7. The PES Design Support Hub features complete technical information on ROLINX busbars and curamik ceramic substrates, a library of technical papers on product design and problem solving, helpful videos on products and power distribution topics, and PES University training programs. Registration for access is quick and free. The Design Support Hub helps design engineers increase power, manage heat, and ensure the quality and reliability of their devices for optimal new product design (

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