Harris Corp. was one of three awardees of a multi-award IDIQ contract to supply HMS Manpack radios to the U.S. Army. The IDIQ contract consists of a five-year base and an additional five-year option and has a ceiling of $12.7 billion. The Army expects full rate production to begin in the fourth quarter of Harris’ fiscal 2017 and to acquire approximately 65,000 HMS Manpack radios under the IDIQs.

The U.S. Army selected the Harris AN/PRC-158 multichannel radio for both dismounted and mounted manpack configurations. The Harris HMS Manpack radio features a two-channel architecture and integrated cross-banding. It includes SRW, SINCGARS and MUOS SATCOM waveforms while maintaining backward interoperability with legacy waveforms.

The HMS (Handheld, Manpack & Small Form-Fit) Manpack forms the core of the U.S. Army’s tactical communications architecture, providing an advanced communications infrastructure from the dismounted soldier to the Tactical Operations Center.

The selection follows the U.S. government’s decision to open the HMS Manpack competition to technically compliant, commercially developed radios, and further solidifies the U.S. Army’s commitment to bring future capabilities to the warfighter.

“The HMS Manpack award is a major step forward for the U.S. Army’s tactical radio modernization program, and brings essential battlefield networking and communications capabilities to the warfighter,” said Brendan O’Connell, president, Tactical Communications, Harris Communication Systems. “The award also allows Harris to now compete at all echelons of the Army tactical communications architecture — from dismounted handheld radios through vehicular-based radio platforms.”


Published on ASDNews: Feb 29, 2016