Qorvo®, a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense applications, announced that Qorvo has been selected by a leading global smartphone manufacturer to expand its support of a marquee Android® smartphone platform launching in the current quarter. Qorvo has broadly expanded its participation in this highly anticipated device to include RF Fusion™ RF front end modules, diversity receive modules, power amplifier duplexers (PADs), switches, impedance tuners, low noise amplifiers (LNAs), duplexers and filters.

Eric Creviston, president of Qorvo's Mobile Products Group, said, "Qorvo is very pleased to support this top customer with the full breadth of our product and technology portfolio. Our expanding participation in this marquee smartphone platform demonstrates Qorvo's broad leadership across the most critical RF functions, including filters, switches, tuners, LNAs, power amplifiers, and power management, and our ability to deliver unparalleled customer support. We are leveraging Qorvo's expanding capabilities to introduce new enabling products and technologies, and we look forward to increasing our participation in additional marquee devices launching this year."

Qorvo's high performance RF solutions selected to support the marquee smartphone platform launch include the QM78064 high band RF Fusion module, the QM63001A diversity receive module, the TQQ1013 high-performance NoDrift™ SAW duplexer, the 885067 Wi-Fi coexistence filter, the TQF6260 B30 PAD, the QM14003 high band LTE LNA, the RF1135 impedance tuner, the 885060 diplexer, and the QM13113, QM12023, and RF1646 high performance switches for antenna control solutions.

The QM78064 high band RF Fusion module is a multimode high-band module offering best-in-class linearity for TD-LTE and full support for TD-LTE intra-band carrier aggregation for enhanced uplink performance. Qorvo's RF Fusion™ modules incorporate all major transmit and receive functionality into highly integrated split-band placements.

The QM63001A is a highly integrated diversity receive module supporting 2x and 3x downlink carrier aggregation to deliver enhanced data rate performance in a highly compact form factor. The QM63001A leverages Qorvo’s proprietary LowDrift™ filter technology to support bands 25 + 66, 3, 7, and 39 and features Qorvo's high-performance switches and LNAs in a compact 4.0 x 2.7 mm form factor. Qorvo's recently launched family of diversity receive modules enable high-performance downlink carrier aggregation, enhance receive sensitivity, reduce product footprint, and optimize antenna configurations, all while increasing network efficiency and improving the consumer user experience.

The TQQ1013 high-performance NoDrift™ SAW duplexer is designed to meet the strict band 13 NS07 rejection requirements mitigating signal migration in the public safety frequency band.

The 885067 Wi-Fi coexistence filter enables concurrent Wi-Fi and LTE operation with industry-leading insertion loss in a 1.1 x 0.9 mm package. Qorvo's Wi-Fi coexistence filters leverage Qorvo's proprietary LowDrift™ BAW technology to address the design challenges related to interference between Wi-Fi and the adjacent LTE bands (7, 40 and 41) in China, North America and elsewhere. All of Qorvo's proprietary LowDrift™ and NoDrift™ premium BAW filters are optimized to combine high performance and temperature stability while solving critical coexistence challenges unaddressed by competing technologies.

The TQF6260 PAD supports FDD-LTE band 30 while meeting the critical requirements for rejection of satellite radio interference in a compact 4.0 x 2.5 mm package.

The QM14003 high band LTE LNA features a bypass switch and delivers an optimal combination of gain, linearity, size and current consumption to improve sensitivity in a highly compact form factor.

The RF1135 configurable impedance tuner enables multiple tuning architectures to maximize performance and reduce current consumption.

The 885060 diplexer enables a single antenna to support both Wi-Fi and cellular bands and delivers best-in-class insertion loss and rejection in a 1.7 x 1.3 mm form factor.

The QM13113, QM12023, and RF1646 high-performance switches deliver an optimal combination of high linearity, superior isolation, and low loss. The QM13113 is a single-pole three-throw switch optimized for high performance antenna tuning applications; the QM12023 is an addressable receive routing switch for carrier aggregation; and the RF1646 is a compact routing switch for high performance RF port transfer and antenna selection.

Qorvo's high performance RF solutions simplify design, reduce product footprint, conserve power, improve system performance and accelerate the adoption of carrier aggregation. Qorvo combines deep systems-level expertise, broad manufacturing scale, and the industry's most comprehensive product and technology portfolio to help leading manufacturers accelerate delivery of next-generation LTE, LTE-A, and IoT products. Qorvo's Core RF solutions set the standard for next-gen connectivity, with unmatched integration and performance at the heart of the connected world.

Qorvo is showcasing the company's expanding portfolio of high performance RF solutions for smartphones, tablets, and other high-performance mobile data devices at the 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress, February 22-25, 2016, in Barcelona.

For the industry's leading core RF solutions, visit www.qorvo.com.