The models NE960R575 and NE960R275 power GaAs MESFETS operate from 4 to 18
GHz for use in amplifier and oscillator applications. Specifications include a P1dB power output of 27.5 and 25 dBm (typ), linear gain of 9 and 10 dB (typ) and power-added efficiency of 30 and 35 percent (typ) for the NE960R575 and NE960R275 units, respectively. The devices feature a tungsten silicide gate structure for high reliability and silicon dioxide glassivation for surface stability. Prices: $67 for the NE960R575 unit and $46 for the NE960R275 unit (100).
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL),
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 390-3232 or (408) 988-3500.

Low Noise, High Linearity Packaged PHEMT
The model LP1500SOT89 low noise/high linearity pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) is packaged in an economical industry-standard SOT-89 package and is designed for use in 800 MHz to 4 GHz applications. The unit offers a low noise figure of 1 dB at 1800 MHz and high dynamic range of +44 dBm output IP3 at 1800 MHz for cellular/PCS hub front ends or any application that requires maximum dynamic range.
Filtronic Solid State,
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-1331.