Berkeley July article image 7M22ProdImgx250Berkeley Nucleonics offers a family of PC-controlled real-time spectrum analyzers (RTSA), with three frequency range options: 100 kHz to 8, 18 and 27 GHz. The BNC RTSA7500 has real-time bandwidth to 100 MHz, a probability of intercept as short as 1.02 µs and spurious free dynamic range up to 100 dBc. The elements of the RTSA7500 consist of the instrument, comprised of a software-defined radio receiver and a wideband digitizer, and the RTSA software that runs on a Windows 7 or 8 PC.

The RTSA7500 can be used anywhere in the wireless ecosystem, including R&D, education, manufacturing, deployment and monitoring. Anyone dealing with signals that may vary dynamically in amplitude or frequency can increase productivity with a real-time spectrum analyzer. Examples include fast intermittent, pulsed and frequency-hopping signals, signals hidden underneath signals and multi-signal environments that share the same spectrum in the license-free bands.

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