Modelithics Inc., the industry leader in simulation models for RF, microwave, and millimeter wave devices, released a new version of The Modelithics® COMPLETE Library, version 12.3, for use with the Keysight EEsof EDA Genesys RF simulation and synthesis software from Keysight Technologies.The Modelithics COMPLETE Library adds to the part selector within Genesys advanced and highly scalable high frequency simulation models representing thousands of commercially available components. The COMPLETE Library includes passive models for capacitor, inductor and resistor (CLR) components, and non-linear models for active devices such as diodes and transistors, plus system-level components (SLC) including amplifiers, filters, switches and more. Modelithics models capture parasitic effects for various design conditions, enabling very accurate electronic simulation.

Modelithics COMPLETE Library V12.3 for Genesys has 120 NEW MODELS added since the last release, including 59 new CLR models, 5 non-linear diode models, 52 system-level component models, 1 new substrate model, and 3 new S-parameter file-based models. These include Microwave Global Models™ for passive components from AVX, ATC, Chilisin, CoilCraft, Darfon, Murata, Passive Plus, Piconics, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Vishay, and Würth Elektronik. Also new non-linear models for Skyworks varactor diodes, and SLC models for a temperature scalable attenuator from API Inmet, AVX couplers and diplexers, and Mini-Circuits attenuators, filters and amplifiers (X-parameters* amplifier models). There are also three new S-parameter models for broadband capacitors from IPDiA.

Model updates include the addition of several new “Supermodels” which are combined models containing all features and validation ranges to replace several previously separate models for a device. In addition, some model names have been updated to reflect current manufacturer names (original naming conventions in existing projects will still work).

Modelithics offers a FREE evaluation library, Modelithics SELECT+, which contains a sampling of the advanced simulation models. The SELECT+ library can be downloaded from the Modelithics website: . A more comprehensive trial library, Modelithics EXEMPLAR, is also available and is a representative subset of all models in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, containing all models needed to run the many example projects found on the Modelithics website and as part of the standard installation of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library. EXEMPLAR is also available for extended university use.  For more information, please email