Cirexx International announced that they have acquired and installed a Micro-Vu Excel Measuring Center. This sophisticated machine will complement Cirexx’s current printed circuit board inspection, test and measurement equipment. The Excel 501um has a programmable zoom lens and “Mono Rail” bearing design. This powerful vision system boasts a 42 channel lighting system.  It makes measurements very fast and very accurate, especially in the Z axis.

Philipp Menges, Cirexx president & CEO commented, “The Micro-Vu will allow us to continue to make and inspect high-tech Boards in industry-leading turn times. We will also have much more data readily available for tracking trends in our materials and processes.”

The Micro-Vu 501um is networkable to the Cirexx QA server and will feed results into several databases and forms. All of which will expedite the quality assurance function and provide critical data to Cirexx engineering and development efforts.

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