Cirexx International announced that they have acquired and installed a second Excellon laser. The new machine is the Cobra-II Hybrid Laser equipped with Excellon’s latest laser technology. It will drill holes, rout boards and micro-machine fine features. The Cobra-II Hybrid comes with the upgraded A3200 controller (with PC+ Cobra 4.0 software), High Speed Intelligent Scanners (RTC5 Scanner Control) and variable power (5 to 15 W) high pulse energy laser which is fully upgradable to CO2 (IR).

Philipp Menges, Cirexx president & CEO commented, “With the new Cobra-II we can reduce typical laser time by 70% to 80%.  That’s huge given the numerous advanced PWB designs that we are taking on that require a great deal of laser work.”

The machine will complement Cirexx’s current Cobra Laser – a workhorse which has produced many fine features in RF/microwave PCBs and Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards.  From micro-via drilling, die cavity ablating and Flex Circuit profiling, Cirexx’s original Cobra laser ran some months 24/7.

“As board technologies increase we are finding more and more uses for our laser equipment.” added Menges. “With the addition of this equipment we will not only have greater technical capability but we significantly increase our capacity for it.  Our customers appreciate that we align our technology road map with theirs and invest in equipment needed to produce the designs they need, when they need them.”

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