Power Capacitor Assemblies
These new leaded power capacitor assemblies utilize the company's industry-standard MLC products as building blocks, extending the capacitance, voltage, current and tolerance parameters. The units are fabricated from parallel and series combinations of capacitors. The power capacitor assemblies feature ultra-low equivalent series resistance; high Q, operating voltage and operating current (up to 130 A per assembly); extended capacitance (up to 36,000 pF); and enhanced reliability. Both standard designs and custom products are available, including matched sets and voltage dividers.
American Technical Ceramics (ATC),
Huntington Station, NY
(516) 622-4700.

Fully Sealed F Connectors
The AMP" series sealed F connectors offer enhanced performance to meet the evolving needs for increased reliability and performance in the community antenna television (CATV) industry. Through 1 GHz, the rugged design helps reduce connector-related service calls and repairs. The units are available in crimp and clamp styles. The outdoor sealed connectors use a variety of sealing methods such as interfacial o-rings or a grease-free gel in the backend. A positive stop ensures proper cable insertion while the rotating coupling nut avoids twisting of the cable.
AMP Inc.,
Harrisburg, PA
(800) 522-6752 or (717) 986-7777.

8 x 8 Butler Matrix
This 8 x 8 butler matrix designed for spatial division/filtering in smart antennas provides the user with potential capacity enhancement by reducing co-channel and adjacent-channel interference in the network. The matrix uses low loss multilayer stripline technology, making it suitable for use in GSM, PCS, Universal Mobile Telecom System, IMT-2000 and personal handyphone system applications. The matrix operates over a frequency range of 1700 to 2100 MHz and features 16 surface-mount SMA connectors that are mounted in the top face of the assembly, allowing for flush mounting. Additional features include an isolation of 20 dB (min), insertion loss of 1.1 dB (max), SWR of 1.25, peak amplitude of 0.8 dB and a peak phase balance of 6°. Size: 5.5" x 3.3".
Anaren Microwave Inc.,
E. Syracuse, NY
(800) 544-2414.

Positive-locking Connectors
These 75 W matched-impedance coaxial connectors feature a positive-locking mating action. A spring-loaded sleeve over the mating end must be retracted in order to mate or unmate the connectors. When the connectors are mated and the sleeve is released, a detent in the sleeve prevents the plug's spring fingers from spreading, preventing accidental unmating. The connectors give users the same security as connectors with screw-on mating, but without the required space for screw-on types. Bright nickel plating on the collars contrast with the gold plating on the connector body to provide a positive visual indication of the connector's mated status.
Applied Engineering Products,
New Haven, CT
(203) 776-2813.

LNA-to-LNB Conversion Adapters
The MLA-1450 series low noise amplifier (LNA)-to-low noise block (LNB) conversion adapters are designed for use when changing from 50 W LNAs to more economical 75 W LNBs. The adapters provide bias voltage via an external terminal or connector (customer specified). The input port features a 75 W F female connector and the output port is equipped with a choice of either type N male or N female connector. The conversion block contains a precision minimum loss pad for good SWR match on the input and output from 950 to 2050 MHz. Prices: range from $45 to $65, depending on connector type and if bias input is required. Delivery: stock to two weeks.
AVCOM of Virginia Inc.,
Richmond, VA
(804) 794-2500.

Dielectric Multilayer Capacitors
The AQ06 series porcelain and ceramic dielectric multilayer capacitors are designed for RF/microwave applications ranging from 10 MHz to 4.2 GHz. The capacitors are characterized by a fine-grain, high density, high purity dielectric material that is impervious to moisture. The units are suitable for use in applications that require high current-carrying capabilities, low equivalent series resistance, high series resonance and stability under the stress of changing voltage, frequency, time and temperature. Capacitance values range from 0.1 to 120 pF with tolerances to +/-0.1 pF. Rated voltage is from 50 to 150 V DC with a temperature coefficient of 90 +/-20 ppm/°C or 0 +/-30 ppm/°C. The capacitors exhibit a high insulation resistance of > 1 x 104 MW and a dissipation factor of 2.5 percent at 1 kHz. Operating temperature range is from -55 to +125°C. Price: 49¢ each (1000). Delivery: less than seven weeks.
AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC
(803) 946-0414.

T1 Line Surge Protectors
The models B280 and B480 T1 line surge suppressors are designed to protect wireless base stations against lightning surges and electrical transients. The units incorporate a heavy-duty multistage design and are small and compact, allowing them to be mounted inside a cabinet or on a backboard. The surge protectors are available for one or two T1 circuits, and input/output connections are achieved with screw terminals or RJ45 jacks. Price: starts at $50 per T1 circuit.
Citel Inc.,
Miami, FL
(305) 621-0022.

Integrated High Power A-band Transmit Filter Assembly
The model CCTF-28 high power A-band transmit filter assembly integrates several components into one unit, allowing for optimal use of space and ensuring maximum system performance. The assembly is integrated with a directional coupler and optimized for power handling of 12.5 kW and intermodulation performance of 120 dBm.
ClearComm Technologies Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-0500.

Solid-state Relay
The model G2-1A05 solid-state relay is designed for data communications applications such as modems, security, metering and instrumentation. The optically coupled integrated product is a single-pole device that features logic-compatible 2 mW drive power and 35 W on-resistance. In addition, the unit can handle continuous load current of 120 mA and peak load voltages of 400 V and provides 3750 V RMS input/output isolation. The relay is UL and CSA recognized and BABT and VDE certified. Price: 97¢ (10,000).
Coto Technology,
Providence, RI
(401) 943-2686.

SPDT Miniature Fail-safe Switch
The 409 series low cost, miniature fail-safe switches operates from DC to 3 GHz with waveguide options to 70 GHz. Designed to be PCB mounted, these 50 W impedance switches with actuating voltages of 12 or 28 V DC are intended for microstrip applications. The units can be hot switched at 10 W CW and can handle up to 50 W CW. The insertion phase repeatability of this miniature switch from port to port is within 0.01 dB for a 100 MHz bandwidth. Additional specifications include an SWR of 1.2 (max), insertion loss of 0.3 dB (max) and isolation of 70 dB (min). Delivery: stock to six weeks.
Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA
(805) 650-0260.

6 dB Fixed Attenuator
The model 22081-06 WT 6 dB fixed attenuator offers +/-0.2 dB frequency sensitivity over the full WG 22 (WR 28) band and -30° to +70°C temperature range with an attenuation loss variation with temperature of +/-0.25 dB (less for narrowband models). In addition, return loss is better than -28 dB. Models are available with attenuation of 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB. (Sensitivities vary with nominal attenuation values.)
Flann Microwave,
Cambridge, MA
(617) 621-7034.

Coaxial Remote Termination
The model 12-5008 coaxial remote termination features an SMA input and coax cable up to 100" long, allowing it to be located anywhere in a system. The unit's low SWR of 1.05 (typ) from DC to 2 GHz allows higher isolation to be achieved in circulators along with greater directivity in couplers. In addition, the termination is rated at 150 W CW at 100°C. Additional models are available from 60 to 150 W with SMA, TNC or N connectors.
Florida RF Labs,
Stuart, FL
(800) 544-5594 or (561) 286-9300.

Switch Divider Matrix
The model 1768 switch divider matrix operates in the S-band and provides RF signal switching and test signal outputs for a military radar system. The unit contains three amplifiers, three power dividers, three directional couplers and seven unique RF crossover connections that permit significantly higher packaging density compared to conventional planar microstrip construction. The unit is able to switch any three input signals to any three output ports, features high isolation between channels and is fully screened to military standards. Size: 3.00" x 4.00" x 0.75".
General Microwave Corp.,
Amityville, NY
(516) 226-8900.

12 W Surface-mountable DC/DC Converters
The 12 W SMS series surface-mount DC/DC converters are fully isolated, single-output units that measure 2.00" x 1.00" x 0.35". The open-frame units are compatible with vacuum-operated pick-and-place machines and are designed to meet demanding coplanarity requirements. The converters feature 85°C ambient operation, 1500 V DC isolation and good efficiency. The company's patented open-frame technology ensures cool operation under demanding conditions. In addition, the units feature a wide 2:1 input voltage range of 18 to 36 V or 36 to 75 V and are available in single-output voltages of 2.1, 2.5, 3.3 or 5 V. Price: $27 (original equipment manufacturers' price). Delivery: stock to six weeks.
International Power Devices (IPD),
Boston, MA
(617) 746-5135.

Trimmer Capacitors
The 9450 series trimmer capacitors are designed for use in filter networks, crystal trimming, interstage coupling, impedance matching and antenna tuning. Five capacitance ranges are available from 0.6 to 2.2 pF to 5 to 18 pF. The units feature a rated voltage of 250 V DC and an operating temperature of -20° to +85°C. Size: 0.125" x 0.125" x 0.400". Price: 40¢ (100,000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks.
Johanson Manufacturing,
Boonton, NJ
(973) 334-2676.

Full-band Duplexer
The model WSD-00026 full-band EGSM duplexer (880 to 915 MHz receive and 925 to 960 MHz transmit) is designed for base transceiver station micro or pico cellular or handset test set applications. The duplexer features an insertion loss of 1.2 dB (max) and return loss of 14 dB (min) throughout both receive and transmit passbands. The unit also provides 40 dB (min) passband-to-passband isolation, receive rejection of 40 dB (min) from DC to 845 MHz and transmit rejection of 40 dB (min) from 995 to 2000 MHz. Transmit passband power handling is rated at 20 W CW and 200 W peak instantaneous, and operating temperature is from 0° to +50°C. The duplexer is supplied with N-F connectors. Size: 5.50" x 5.10" x 2.75" (excluding connectors). Delivery: stock to six weeks (ARO).
K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424.

Single- and Dual-line Filters
The Magnatek series common-mode single- and dual-line filters are available in several styles, including the single-line model SIN-56, which is rated at 500 mA, 50 V and has an impedance of 2590 W at 100 MHz and an inductance of 56 mH at 1 kHz. In addition, the dual-line filters are rated at 500 mA, 50 V with a typical impedance of 1750 W at 40 MHz and an inductance of 80 mH at 1 kHz. Evaluation samples are available from stock while volume requirements can be supplied in six weeks (ARO).
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK
01493 334000.

High Power Bias Tees
The HW series bias tees supplement the existing low power HU-HW series with a 500 W power capability over the wireless bands from 400 to 2000 MHz. Applications of the units include the powering of tower-top amplifiers used in wireless base stations. The models HW-10N, HW-19N and HW-20 N bias tees cover the 400 to 1000 MHz, 1700 to 2000 MHz and 800 to 2000 MHz frequency bands, respectively.
Livingston, NJ
(973) 992-7700.

Hybridized Circuit Heaters
These hybridized circuit heaters are designed for use in microwave oscillators, telecommunications and other areas where temperature control is needed. The units utilize a multichip construction to provide a user-selected heating temperature via an external program resistor. Temperature control typically is within +/-2 percent. Metal package heaters are available in 28 and 40 W versions as standard products, allowing for better thermal impedance than in ceramic heaters.
Micropac Industries Inc.,
Garland, TX
(972) 272-3571.

In-line High Power Attenuators
These high power attenuators feature a lossy wall to ensure a flat frequency response as well as an even power distribution for higher power capabilities. Waveguide sizes from WR650 to WR22 are available with various power levels. The addition of an external fan also makes these units capable of even higher power levels. The unit may be pressurized to assist in high power pulsed applications.
Microtech Inc.,
Cheshire, CT
(203) 272-3234.

Bandpass Filter
The model 12927 bandpass filter features less than 1 dB insertion loss from 2000 to 3000 MHz while providing greater than 60 dB rejection at 3500 MHz. An impedance of 50 W is standard with SMA connectors. Other impedance and connector options are available as well as custom-designed mechanical packages to fit specific size constraints. The unit is designed for power handling of +30 dBm and is intended for indoor use. Higher power and temperature-stable designs are available upon request.
Microwave Filter Co. Inc.,
East Syracuse, NY
(800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4747.

12 dB Fixed Attenuator
The model NAT-12-42 low cost, semiprecision fixed attenuator operates in the DC to 4200 MHz frequency range. With a power rating of 250 mW (max) when operating in the -55° to +100°C (max) temperature range, this rugged device offers a 12 dB +/-0.2 (nom) attenuation value with 0.8 dB (max) midband flatness. The component is housed in a rugged metal case with type N male/female connectors and can be used in 50 W systems for power leveling and impedance match improvement. Price: $26.95 each (1-9). Delivery: within one week.
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500.

Drop-in Isolator
The model 0094IAD low frequency drop-in isolator is designed to provide 23 dB isolation with low insertion loss of 0.3 dB. A signal-sensing tab with required attenuation is provided for reflection measurements. The circuit tabs are stress relieved to provide high reliability during circuit assembly. SWR over the frequency bandwidth is 1.2 and isolators in other frequency bands are available in a similar package. Size: 1.00" x 1.25" x 0.30". Delivery: stock.
Nova Microwave,
Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 778-2746.

RF Connectors
These RF connectors terminate coaxial cables in one step to make reliable, high performance terminations. The one-step RF BNC and TNC connectors incorporate a single-piece inner assembly that terminates the center conductor and braid of coaxial cables used in aviation and military equipment as well as in instruments and communications equipment. With a cable retention strength of up to 200 lb, the device creates a robust soldered and insulated termination on 50 and 75 W cables. The connectors are available in three sizes that accommodate a broad range of standard RG/U cables and the company's Cheminax" coaxial cables. The units are fully intermateable with MIL-C-39012 connectors and meet the performance requirements of MIL-C-39012 up to 2.8 GHz.
Raychem Corp., Electronics OEM Components Division,
Menlo Park, CA
(800) 926-2425.

N Male Solder Clamp Connector
The model RFN-1002-2L2 N male solder clamp connector is designed for ease of assembly and use with LMR-600" series cable from Times Microwave. All N series connectors for LMR-600 cable feature silver-plated bodies, gold-plated contacts and Teflon" insulation. Silver plating minimizes intermodulation distortion. A broad range of other connector interfaces and styles is available for other LMR series coaxial cables.
RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries,
San Diego, CA
(800) 233-1728.

Press-in Coaxial Connectors
These press-in coaxial connectors are available in a variety of configurations (including eye of the needle and H press) and provide superior mechanical hold. The connectors accommodate many board thicknesses from 3 to 5 mm and are available in all connector series, including DIN 41626, D-sub inserts and mini-coax (2 mm).
Rosenberger of North America LLC,
Lancaster, PA
(717) 290-8000.

DC - 6 GHz Half-flange Resistor
The model RFP-10-100RVS 10 W resistor provides a 10 W resistance value, low 0.5 pF capacitance and operates in the DC to 6 GHz range for use in amplifiers, isolators, PCS, PCN and other power supply products. Designed to meet or exceed applicable portions of MIL-E-5400 and MIL-R-56342, the unit is constructed with a proprietary thick-film ceramic substrate with welded silver leads for soldering directly to a PCB. Additional features include a tolerance of +/-0.010, operating temperature of -55° to 150°C and an alumina ceramic cover. Delivery: stock to four weeks.
RF Power Components Inc.,
Bohemia, NY
(877) 737-2462.

Microstrip Power Dividers/Combiners
These miniature surface-mount microstrip power dividers/combiners span optimized frequency bandwidths in the 800 to 7000 MHz frequency range. Specifications include an average handling power of 1 W, good amplitude and phase tracking, high isolation and low insertion loss and SWR. Available in two- to six-way power-split ratios, the units are designed for a wide range of wireless applications. Delivery: stock to two weeks.
Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ
(973) 881-8800.

Low Loss Coax
The LMR-LLPL series low loss coax is designed for in-building plenum applications and can be run anywhere inside a building, including return air handling plenums. The coax is available in a variety of standard sizes including LMR-200-LLPL, LMR-400-LLPL and LMR-600-LLPL. In addition, any intermediate size can be supplied as well as sizes up to LMR-900-LLPL (5/8") and LMR-1200-LLPL (7/8") coax. LMR-LLPL is completely size compatible with standard LMR with the exception of a slightly smaller center conductor. Solder-on center contact connectors are available that fit both standard LMR and LMR-LLPL. Nonsolder EZ install type N male connectors are available for the 400-LLPL and 600-LLPL sizes.
Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT
(800) 867-2629 or (203) 949-8400.

20 dB Dual-band Coupler
The model FC6266-1 20 dB dual-band coupler operates over the 800 to 2200 MHz frequency range and provides insertion loss of 0.3 dB (max), SWR of 1.5 (max), directivity of 20 dB and average power handling of 50 W. Size: 3.5" x 0.9" x 0.5" (not including SMA female connectors).
Sage Laboratories Inc.,
Natick, MA
(508) 653-0844.

Right-angle Adapter
The model ADRMF70 right-angle TRB male-to-female adapter is suitable for use in telemetry and ground-support 1553 data bus applications where cable management, strength and security are required. The unit mates with any of the company's standard 70 series connectors and is available in two-, three- and four-lug and threaded versions.
Trompeter Electronics Inc.,
Westlake Village, CA
(818) 865-6538.

RF Coaxial Adapter Kits
These RF coaxial adapter kits contain up to 10 in- and between-series adapters that can be mixed, matched and manufactured from standard tooling available for more than 100 different connector types. A wide selection of adapters is offered, including BNC to C, BNC to N, BNC to HN, BNC to QDS, C to N, 7/16 to N, N to SC, N to LC and N to SMA. Prices: start at $195 (depending on the configuration of the adapters selected).
Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA
(800) 262-9878 or (978) 532-0775.

Fixed RF Attenuator
The model 1W fixed RF attenuator features attenuation values from 1 to 10, 20 and 30 dB and operates over a frequency range of DC to 4 GHz. The units are optimized for use in wireless communications bands with a nominal impedance of 50 W and average power rating of 2 W to 25°C ambient temperature derated linearly to 0.5 W at 125°C. The operating temperature range is from -20° to +105°C and connectors are type N (male/female).
Weinschel Corp.,
Frederick, MD
(800) 638-2048 or (301) 831-4701.

Conduction-cooled RF Loads
The CT series conduction-cooled RF loads for use with a customer-supplied heat sink or chill plate offer low SWR (1.10 at DC to 1 GHz and 1.25 at 1 to 2.4 GHz (max) for the 150 W model), a wide selection of connector options and are economically priced. Models are available to terminate up to 500 W of RF energy. Six models are offered with RF power ratings of 25, 50, 100, 150, 250 or 500 W. Impedance is 50 W standard with other values available on quantity purchases. All models operate at DC to 2.4 GHz and some models operate as high as 6 GHz.
Bird Component Products,
Franklin, IN
(317) 346-6600.

Precision N Connector
The COAXICOM 5410-6-9 series precision bulkhead female type N connector is designed for use with 0.325" diameter semirigid cable. The unit uses the direct solder method for assembly to the cable, a method that is also successful with the company's 0.250" diameter connector series. The connector is constructed of passivated stainless steel except for where the body and contact are soldered to the cable. The dielectric is TFE fluorocarbon. Maintaining 50 W, low SWR and high reliability, the connector is available from stock.
Coaxial Components Corp.,
Stuart, FL
(866) 262-9426.

High Power Circulators
The 556-000 series low frequency, high power circulators are available in the 40 to 100 MHz range and beyond with power levels to 1500 W. Isolation is typically 20 dB at center frequency +/-10 MHz bandwidths and insertion loss is 0.5 dB (max). The circulator body measures 5.75" x 5.50" x 3.00" (excluding connectors).
Connecticut Microwave Corp.,
Cheshire, CT
(203) 250-9678.

DC - 40 GHz Rotary Joint
The model 12-7012 12-channel, DC to 40 GHz rotary joint features a 3.5" diameter x 22" length with a rotational life of more than 50,000 hours with low torque.
Eastern Microwave Corp. (EMC),
Winchester, MA
(781) 721-9800.

Coaxial Contacts
The Coaxtac series 50 W contacts feature good electrical repeatability over 25,000 insertion/extraction cycles and an SWR of 1.2 (max) at 3 GHz and 1.4 to 6 GHz. The contact systems include two concentric Hypertac wire baskets in each socket (one for signal and one for ground). The Hyperboloid-shaped wire baskets provide low insertion force, long life and virtual immunity to shock and vibration. Solder cup and crimp terminations are available. Standard rack-and-panel and quick-release cable to chassis housings are available to mount four-position coax modules as well as optional signal and power contacts. Price: $20 each for a mated coaxial contact. Delivery: four to six weeks.
Hypertronics Corp.,
Hudson, MA
(800) 225-9228 or (978) 568-0451.

Full-band EGSM Duplexer
The model WD-00004 full-band EGSM duplexer features a Tx and Rx passband insertion loss of less than 1 dB and ripple of less than 0.5 dB. The duplexer exhibits isolation from Tx to Rx of greater than 60 dB, operates within specification between -20° and +70°C and at 5 kW PIP and 2.5 kW PEP power levels.
Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(800) 780-2169.

L- and S-band Mixer
The model MMX-MLS-17-2.5G L- and S-band mixer features a resistive FET design, which minimizes the LO drive requirement and features high dynamic range. The mixer operates at an LO level between +2 and +4 dBm, depending on the applied pinch-off voltage. The pinch-off bias voltage range is between 0 and -8 V and draws less than 100 mA of current. A bias voltage of -0.7 V allows the mixer to operate with an LO power of +2 dBm while +4 dBm of LO power is required for a bias of 0 V. Specifications include a frequency range from 1 to 4 GHz, conversion loss of 6.5 dB, RF return loss of 14 dBi, IF bandwidth of DC to 500 MHz, IP3 (two tone) of 18 dBm (typ) and operating temperature range of -55° to +85°C. Size: 0.50" x 0.50" x 0.11". Weight: 0.042 oz.
Merrimac Industries Inc.,
West Caldwell, NJ
(888) 434-6636.

AMPS/PCS Combiner
This dual-band combining duplexer filter allows a single wideband antenna to transmit and receive both AMPS- and PCS-band signals. The lower passband operates from 800 to 1000 MHz passing both AMPS (824 to 894 MHz) and EGSM (880 to 960 MHz) bands. The upper channel of the duplexer passes from 1700 to 2000 MHz passing both PCS (1850 to 1990 MHz) and DCS-1800 (1710 to 1880 MHz) bands. The wide bandwidth of each channel and the high Q design provides a passband insertion loss of less than 0.15 dB. The common port is used for the broadband antenna. A reactive network directs the signal to each channel of the duplexer. A band-to-band isolation of 60 dB is provided and rejection is below 800 MHz and above 2000 MHz.
Narda Microwave-West,
Folsom, CA
(916) 351-4500.

1 MHz - 2 GHz Bias Tee
The model TBT-2M1 bias tee operates from 1 MHz to 2 GHz and features a bias current of 1 A, SWR of 1.22 (max), insertion loss of 0.5 dB (max), RF power of 10 W (max) and bias voltage of 30 V (max). Size: 38 x 38 x 20 mm (excluding connectors).
Tecdia Microwave Components,
Mountain View, CA
(650) 967-2828.

Ultra-miniature Mixer
The model MXR/2001 ultra-miniature mixer provides 30 dB (min) L-R isolation over the entire 10 to 2000 MHz LO and RF bands. Requiring an LO input of +7 dBm, the IF band is 5 to 250 MHz and the mixer achieves a typical IP3 of +12 dBm. Other models are available that operate up to 3000 MHz with similar performance. Size: 4.2 x 3.5 mm.
TRAK Microwave Corp.,
Tampa, FL
(813) 884-1411.