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Ducommun has developed a new switch series that covers DC to 46 GHz, with SPDT, multi-throw (SP3T to SP6T) and transfer configurations. These switches can be used in commercial and ruggedized environments, including electronic warfare (EW), navigation, radar, satellite and communication systems. The DL series is a broadband electro-mechanical switch with a common input that is switchable to one of two outputs; the QL series is designed to switch a microwave signal from a common input to any of three through six output ports; and the TL series connects two ports together. These coaxial switches offer low insertion loss and good high frequency isolation: 50 dB at 46 GHz for the DL series.

All switches are 50 Ω with 2.4 mm female connectors. Connections are break-before-make, with 15 ms maximum switching time. Operating life is 1 million cycles. The standard operating temperature range is -35° to -85°C, with wider ranges available. The switches are designed in accordance with the requirements of MIL-DTL-3928.

Multiple options are available in addition to the standard versions. These include RoHS compliance, compatibility with TTL logic, suppression diodes, indicators, D-Sub terminals, and either fail-safe, latching self cut-off or pulse latching actuation.

Ducommun RF switches are known for reliability and are used in a wide variety of aerospace, defense, industrial and space applications. Ducommun’s RF product group designs and manufactures both active and passive products that span DC to 110 GHz.

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