Instruments for Industry (IFI), a unit of AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions, introduced a solid-state microwave pulse power amplifier that offers outstanding RF performance. The S21-4KWP-2KWP FLEX amplifier has a frequency range of 1 to 2 GHz and supplies 4 kW of pulse power up to 10 percent duty cycle with a maximum pulse width of 100 uS. This amplifier provides ample power for the most demanding pulsed test applications.

Although primarily for EMC testing applications, the Flex series pulse amplifier can be used for other industry test-related programs and requirements.  When used for EMC testing at labs, where multiple chambers require multiple setups, this flexible amplifier can be configured easily into two separate 2 kW pulse amplifiers for lower-power requirements at multiple locations. It is suited for radar and high-intensity radiated field (HIRF) testing as well as automotive and industrial applications.

The S21-4KWP-2KWP FLEX's rugged, heavy-duty aluminum chassis and compact, modular design make it convenient for many test configurations.

Safety features of IFI's new solid-state amplifier include a full complement of RF and hardware protection circuits like voltage standing wave ration (VSWR), over current, voltage protection, and redundant thermal and airflow sensors for the module and full system.

The unit's comprehensive user interface features a backlit screen that shows both  forward/reverse power indication, system status and self-diagnostic information. Power indication is shown in pulse, which is very innovative and useful for customer monitoring parameters. 

All of the amplifier's operating features are available on the front panel display as well as over the remote bus.  Selection switches allow users to switch to the desired mode of operation for local control if the unit is not being operated remotely.

Both the IEEE-488 and RS232 interfaces come standard.  The S21-4KWP-2KWP FLEX can be customized upon request to meet individual application needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency range of 1.0 GHz to 2.0 GHz
  • 4 kW of pulse power or two 2kW pulse amps
  • Maximum pulse width of 100 uS
  • Excellent pulse fidelity and characteristics such as rise/fall time

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