Keysight Technologies Inc. introduced the first software plug-in for the M8070A system software for M8000 Series BER test solutions. The Keysight M8085A MIPI® C-PHY receiver test solutionis designed for engineers in semiconductor and IP vendor companies who need to perform conformance and margin tests.

The MIPI C-PHY 1.0 standard supports camera and display applications. The standard comprises multilevel non-NRZ non-differential signaling. The Keysight M8190A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)is the right instrument to generate such signals. The M8085A easy-to-use editor option enables engineers to set up the parameters and pattern content of test signals for turn-on and debug interactively from the GUI in familiar, application terms. During parameter adjustments, the software controls the AWG hardware to maintain uninterrupted signal generation.

“Keysight has a long history and extensive expertise of providing best-in-class receiver test solutions using BERTs,” said Jürgen Beck, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Digital and Photonic Test Division. “By complementing our BERT application software with arbitrary waveform generator capabilities, we provide engineers with flexible signal generation through a familiar user interface.”

Furthermore, the M8085A software provides the industry’s first complete and standard-conformant routines for calibration of signal parameters and physical layer (PHY) receiver tests. Users can achieve results and gain insight without the need to become experts in the MIPI standard or on using arbitrary waveform generators. Reaching further than pure conformance verification is possible using expert mode allowing engineers to deviate from predefined conformant values to fully characterize margins.

Engineers can set up and start each calibration or test procedure individually or sequence calibrations and test procedures under program control either using custom software or Keysight N5990A test automation software (Option 010).

Depending on the provisions for error detection implemented in the DUT receiver, the software plug-in provides several options for selecting the error detecting device. Engineers can connect to the built-in detector of the device under test via the IBERReader interface. This interface transfers the test result to the M8085A software and displays the result in the GUI. More importantly, it enables fully automated unattended tests.

“Keysight Technologies again demonstrates its support for MIPI standards with this new, forward-looking test automation software concept based on modern, versatile arbitrary waveform generator instruments,” said Joel Huloux, chairman of the MIPI Alliance board of directors. “The test solution enables test engineers to spend their time characterizing their designs and receive results and insights faster.”

More information about the Keysight M8085A MIPI receiver test software is available at Images are available at

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Keysight M8085A C-PHY software with various options is available for download now. License prices range from $7,500 for Option MIPI C-PHY editor for a transportable, perpetual license for the Keysight M819xA AWG to $18,000 for MIPI C-PHY calibration, conformance and characterization procedures for the M819xA AWG.