Anatech Electronics introduced the AB5745B579, a 5745-MHz cavity bandpass filter designed for use in Wi-Fi hotspots that delivers high rejection, low insertion loss, and can handle RF power levels up to 30 W CW. It is available online for immediate purchase at the Anatech Electronics website.

The AB5745B579 has a center frequency of 5745 MHz, passband of 40 MHz, passband insertion loss of 1.75 dB (+/- 0.75 dB), rejection of at least 20 dBc, group delay variation of 4 ns over any 0.5 MHz range within the passband, and operates over a temperature range of -45°C to +85°C. It will withstand 20 G shock (11 ms), and 20 G vibration (5 to 200 MHz), and uses Type-N connectors.

More information is available at (973) 772-4242, by e-mail at, or by visiting