Millitech Inc., a leader in millimeter wave technology, takes mixer technology to the next level with an improved new lineup of high efficiency, full-waveguide bandwidth, fundamental mixers covering the waveguide bands of WR-22 through WR-08. The latest advanced technology MXP mixer series offers unprecedented mixer efficiency. The new MXP mixers can be used as either up-converters or down-converters.
Key performance advances:
• Conversion loss of 6 dB at an IF of 1 GHz
• 7 dB with a fixed LO and wide swept IF (up to 35 GHz for the MXP-10)
• LO/RF and LO/IF isolation > 25 dB
Millitech, Inc., a part of Smiths Microwave, is a Massachusetts-based business which specializes in the design and manufacturing of millimeter wave components, assemblies and fully integrated antenna positioning systems for satellite communications, radar, passive imaging, space, test & measurement and remote sensing applications. For more information about Millitech, call (413) 582-9620 or visit the company's web site at