In partnership with Keysight Technologies and Maury Microwave, Modelithics has successfully benchmarked a significant new measurement capability and is now offering noise parameter testing through 50 GHz. This important measurement has been added to Modelithics’ list of precision measurement services. The new capability is enabled by a combination of Maury Microwave software and broadband noise parameter test hardware, combined with a Keysight PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer, configured with a 50 GHz noise receiver. 

Modelithics CEO Larry Dunleavy commented, “We have often received requests for higher frequency noise parameters beyond our previous standard offering of 0.3 to 26 GHz. Although we did have a custom traditional solution in the 30 to 40 GHz range, our benchmark tests have proven that the new system provides smoother and more robust expanded broadband high frequency data.”   

Extensive testing of the new combined Keysight and Maury Microwave hardware and software solution also confirms that it supports a much more efficient and reliable measurement flow compared to legacy noise parameter solutions.   With this new service, Modelithics can now provide customers with 0.3 to 50 GHz noise parameter device testing.  

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