LPKF Laser & Electronics has announced it will exhibit at MILCOM, which takes place October 26-28 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Fla. LPKF provides in-house rapid PCB prototyping systems for a variety of applications and will demonstrate its best-selling prototyping system, the ProtoMat S63, in Booth 727.
The ProtoMat S63 is a benchtop milling system that features high spindle speed and micron resolution to quickly and accurately produce printed circuit boards, oftentimes in less an hour. System features such as a fiducial recognition camera and 15-position automatic tool changer assist the user in producing PCBs quickly and efficiently.
In-house PCB prototyping provides several benefits that outsourcing cannot, like the ability to rapidly fabricate PCB design changes. Much like the attendees at MILCOM who work in defense and security, in-house prototyping also provides another benefit: the ability to maintain complete user control and confidentiality over design data.
For more information on in-house PCB prototyping, visit LPKF in Booth 727 at MILCOM 2015 or visit www.lpkfusa.com/pcb-prototyping/.