New Literature

RF Coaxial Connector Catalog
This 60-page catalog describes a variety of RF coaxial connectors, including SMA, SMB, SSMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX, TNC, UHF, N, F, BNC and twinax. Outline drawings and product photographs are provided.
Aliner Connectors Inc.,
City of Industry, CA
(626) 964-5608.

Aerospace and Defense Brochure
This 20-page brochure (#1307104) details the company’s products for use in the space, commercial, in-flight entertainment and defense industries, including high performance multilayer backplanes and PCBs, cables and cable assemblies, fiber-optic components, terminals and connectors.
AMP Inc.,
Harrisburg, PA
(717) 810-4405.

Advanced Power System Brochure
This six-page brochure discusses the company’s advanced power systems for wireless networks, including the ES-3000 series base station power systems, base station power plants, miniprofile power systems, switch-mode rectifiers, DC-DC and multi-output DC-DC converters, and intelligent system control and supervisory units. Product photographs are included.
Delta Products Corp.,
Morrisville, NC
(919) 380-8883, ext. 823.

Oscillator Brochure
This four-page brochure details the company’s Just-In-Time-Oscillators (JITO-2™) program, which guarantees delivery of custom and standard frequency oscillators up to 250 MHz in 10 working days or less. Specifications and outline drawings are provided. A part numbering guide and ordering information are included.
Fox Electronics,
Fort Myers, FL
(888) 438-2369.

1998–1999 Product Catalog
This redesigned and expanded 308-page catalog overviews the company’s JTK series toolkits, JTM series hand-held multimeters and a wide variety of hand tools. Services described include same-day shipping, in-house calibration certification and free technical support.
Jensen Tools Inc.,
Phoenix, AZ
(800) 426-1194.

ISM Wireless Data Application Brochure
This eight-page brochure provides various examples of wireless data applications that may utilize the company’s future industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) wireless data antennas, including parabolic, yagi, omnidirectional, portable, panel, mobile and miniature magnetic-mount antennas.
Hanover Park, IL
(800) 323-9122 or (630) 372-6800.

IF Signal Processing Brochure
This IF signal processing brochure describes the company’s high performance logarithmic, detector log video, phase-limiting and gain-control amplifiers; frequency discriminators; and custom subsystems and assemblies.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 436-7400.

RF Power Solution Brochure
This 12-page brochure contains information on RF power solutions for use in broadcast, industrial, avionics and INMARSAT applications, including LDMOS technology and development, RF power MOSFETs and RF microwave transistors.
Denver, CO
(800) 441-2447 or (303) 675-2140.

Data Acquisition Product Guide
This 20-page product guide outlines a full line of PC-based data acquisition tools for measurement and automation applications, including hardware and software for analog, digital and timing I/O; signal conditioning and connectivity; image acquisition; motion control; and computer-based instruments.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(800) 258-7022 or (512) 794-0100.

CAE Software Brochure
This four-page brochure details the company’s Radiant© series CAE software for designs requiring three-dimensional, electromagnetic high frequency analysis. Capabilities and applications are listed.

Integrated Engineering Software,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(204) 632-5636.

Product Brochure
This four-page brochure describes the company’s line of custom and standard RF/microwave products, including adapters, receptacles and high frequency cable connectors. Product photographs are provided.
SRI Connector Gage Co.,
Melbourne, FL
(407) 259-9688.

RF/Microwave Product Catalog
This 84-page catalog details the company’s RF/microwave components, including cascadable amplifiers, mixers, voltage-controlled attenuators, limiters and limiting amplifiers, and switches; and space and yttrium iron garnet components. Specifications and outline drawings are provided. Conversion tables are included.
Stellex Microwave Systems Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 321-8075.

Microprocessor-controlled High Power Amplifier Brochure
This four-page brochure features the company’s CPS series microprocessor-controlled high power amplifiers, covering the frequency range of 500 kHz to 2.5 GHz in discrete bands and available in 10, 100, 500, 1000 and 10,000 W power output levels. Product photographs and specifications are included.
Communication Power Corp.,
Brentwood, NY
(516) 434-7306.

High Reliability Electronic Component Brochure
This brochure describes the design, manufacture, assembly and qualification of high reliability electronic components. Package configurations and testing and analysis methods are listed.
DPA Components International,
Simi Valley, CA
(805) 581-9200.

Cable and Connector Catalog
This 28-page catalog contains information on the company’s full line of EC3 cable and connectors available in sizes from 1/4" to 1 5/8" and in several types, including 7-16 DIN and 7/8" EIA. Specifications are listed. A price list is provided.
Eupen Cable USA,
Orange, CT
(203) 799-7900.

Products Catalog
This 148-page catalog provides information on the company’s components, ICs, tools, test equipment and computer products designed for use by original equipment manufacturers, engineers, educators and service/repair technicians. Product photographs are included.
Jameco Electronics,
Belmont, CA
(800) 237-6948.

Component Brochure
This six-page brochure details the company’s DC to 50 GHz ultra-broadband microwave components, including directional couplers and detectors, hybrids, power dividers, planar-doped barrier detectors, zero-bias Schottky detectors and coaxial terminations.
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 734-5999.

Probe Tip and Probe Holder Reference Manual
This 12-page expanded reference manual describes the company’s line of probe tips and probe holders. Recommended applications for several probe holders are provided as well as outline drawings that detail the dimensional and material features of disposable probe tips.
The Micromanipulator Co. Inc.,
Carson City, NV
(800) 967-2426 or (702) 882-2400.

1998 RF/IF Designer’s Guide
This 180-page guide details the company’s products, including VCOs, mixers, couplers, transformers and power splitters. Answers to frequently asked surface-mount technology questions and up-to-date price information are included. Specifications are provided.
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

Foil and Film Resistor Catalog
This 12-page catalog features more than 35 power and precision resistors and networks using advanced metal foil, metal-film and thick-film elements. A complete line of leaded metal-film resistors are described as well as thick-film resistors and networks.
Riedon Inc.,

Alhambra, CA
(626) 284-9901.