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The OpenRFMTM Ensemble® RFM-1RS18 single-channel tuner family is designed for use in EW applications and is available in four configurations that cover 2 to 18 GHz. Two down-converter tuners convert signals to a lower frequency IF for processing, and two transmit up-converter tuners convert an IF to a user-selectable frequency between 2 and 18 GHz. All four are composed of up to three OpenRFM modules and require only a single 6U VXS slot. They can be used as stand-alone units or paired, dramatically reducing the time required to configure application-specific subsystems.

One of the two down-converter tuners has an instantaneous bandwidth of 1.5 GHz; its output is split into four IF outputs, each with a 375 MHz bandwidth centered at 745 MHz. The other has a single 1 GHz wide output centered at 1.875 GHz. Both down-converter tuners include a fast switching direct digital synthesizer (DDS). Both tuner up-converters have single outputs, a tunable range of 2 to 18 GHz and can accept 1 GHz of bandwidth centered at 1.875 GHz. One model also has a DDS.

The different configurations demonstrate the versatility of the OpenRFM architecture. For example, the up-converter tuner without a DDS can be paired with the down-converter model with a DDS, sharing the down-converter tuner’s synthesizer to provide locked tune frequencies. The up-converter tuner with a DDS can be used as a stand-alone unit, or it can be paired with the single output down-converter tuner to provide an RF transmit/receive solution with independent tuning capabilities in both transmit and receive paths.

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