CST® - Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD, will demonstrate how the emerging technology of immersive virtual reality can be used in the EM design workflow and integrated with its flagship electromagnetic simulation tool, CST STUDIO SUITE® 2015, at European Microwave Week (EuMW) on September 8 2015, booth 311.

CST STUDIO SUITE is used by engineers and researchers across a wide range of fields to model electromagnetic systems and optimize designs. In order to allow it to be used in as many design workflows as possible, CST supports its powerful electromagnetic and multiphysics solvers with import/export tools for a wide range of CAD and EDA formats, and with a visualization engine that can plot field propagation and radiation patterns in full 3D. At European Microwave Week 2015, CST will demonstrate how next generation technologies such as virtual reality will also be entering the EM design process in the near future and how these technologies can be used to supplement simulation.

Virtual reality is still thought of as a platform for games and entertainment, but also offers advantages for engineers who need to visualize complex behavior in their device. Using software developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IGD, CST will demonstrate how immersive virtual reality can be used to explore coupling paths on a complex PCB in order to identify the sources of EMC issues such as cross talk more simply. Visitors to the CST booth can try on a pair of Oculus Rift goggles and fly through a CST STUDIO SUITE simulation of a PCB in an enclosure in order to quickly and intuitively identify couplings. “Virtual reality offers a new way for users to visualize simulation data and investigate the behavior of their devices,” commented Dr. Martin Timm, Director Global Marketing, CST. “Being able to immerse yourself in your system and experience the fields and currents as if they were tangible quantities is not only fascinating, but gives you a new way to explore the physics of your system.”

Further information about CST is available on the web at https://www.cst.com.