Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) previewed the latest version of its flagship electromagnetic simulation tool, CST STUDIO SUITE® 2014, at European Microwave Week 2013.

CST STUDIO SUITE is used by engineers and researchers working across the electromagnetic spectrum to model systems and optimize designs. Its modules include a palette of high-frequency and low-frequency solvers suitable for a wide range of applications across different fields, complemented by more specialized technology for applications such as PCBs, cables and charged particle devices.

Design engineers are increasingly facing challenges, where considering individual components is not sufficient, because they may interact with other components or the environment in general. The 2014 version of CST STUDIO SUITE builds on CST's extensive range of electromagnetic simulation tools with new features to help Engineers to capture system effects as well as to optimize individual components in a streamlined workflow. 

Strong data import and export tools are a key part of integration, allowing simulation to fit into a wide range of design workflows. CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 includes several new features to make it easier to import, manipulate and export models from CAD and EDA software. 

System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) is CST's most powerful tool for integrated design, allowing multiple full-wave 3D and circuit simulations to be combined, together with analysis and optimization, into a straightforward series of tasks to be carried out automatically. CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 builds on the capabilities of SAM, with simplified multiphysics workflows, more PCB functionality, and support for nearfield sources in the frequency-domain and integral equation solvers. 

Alongside these system-level enhancements are a range of performance and usability improvements to existing solvers to optimize calculations and increase support for high-performance computing techniques such as GPU and MPI computing. The transient and frequency-domain solvers in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) also support new meshing techniques for both tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes, which can greatly reduce mesh-cell count on complex geometries such as imported CAD files. This speed up in simulation can make it easier to simulate electrically very large structures without drastic simplification.

As well as introducing these new features, CST also has a full schedule of presentations at its booth. These presentations will cover hot topics in the microwave field, including integrated antenna design, bio-electromagnetics and EMI/EMC. Registration for the EuMW exhibition is free of charge, and the CST talks are open to all exhibition visitors.

"CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 was developed with the needs of industry in mind as a versatile simulation tool for complex problems," commented Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, CST AG. "We look forward to introducing our newest features to visitors at European Microwave Week and hearing their feedback."

Highlights of CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 

  • General
    • - Improved CAD export 
    • - Version control for CAD data 
    • - Sub-volume field monitors 
  • CST MWS transient solver
    • - Improved hexahedral meshing 
    • - Time-averaged power loss monitor 
    • - Combined CPU-GPU computing 
  • CST MWS frequency domain solver
    • - Improved tetrahedral meshing 
    • - Nearfield sources 
  • CST MWS integral equation solver
    • - Nearfield sources and monitors 
  • CST MWS asymptotic solver
    • - RCS hotspot highlight 
    • - Enhanced EDA import tools 
    • - Decoupling capacitor optimization 
    • - New cable and shield types 
    • - Transient spectrum extraction with AC Task 
    • - Faster MOR and Transient Task 
    • - Automated set-up of multiphysics SAM processes


CST STUDIO SUITE 2014 is due for release in Q1 2014.