Cellular/GSM/ISM Dual Linear Antennas
These cellular/GSM/ISM dual linear antennas feature a low profile design for minimum visual impact, making them suitable for discreet antenna installations. The units provide for simultaneous reception and transmission of both vertically and horizontally linearly polarized signals in the 824 to 896 GHz, 880 to 960 GHz and 902 to 928 GHz frequency bands. The antennas consist of a single broadband microstrip patch that provides 8 dBi gain with nominal 65° x 70° half-power beamwidth. The units have an SWR of 1.5 and impedance of 50 W. The antennas combine good RF performance in a discrete and stylish antenna housing that can be mounted easily in most situations. The antenna housing is vacuumed formed out of thermoplastic in a rugged, UV-stabilized radome that is weather resistant for outdoor applications. Size: 12.00" x 12.00" x 1.75".
Cushcraft Corp.,
Manchester, NH
(603) 627-7877.

2 - 40 GHz Direction-finding Antenna Assembly
The model MF390-183 low profile direction-finding antenna assembly operates from 2 to 40 GHz and consists of three bands: 2 to 6 GHz, 6 to 18 GHz and 18 to 40 GHz. The 2 to 6 GHz band utilizes an eight-element horn array design; the 6 to 18 GHz and 18 to 40 GHz antennas are single broadband horns. The assembly can fit into a 24" dia space with a maximum height of less than 9". In addition, the unit can perform rotating direction finding when it is mounted on a rotator. The low profile characteristics of the antenna assembly make it suitable for mobile, airborne or shipboard applications. Weight: 25 lb.
Microwave Engineering Corp.,
North Andover, MA
(978) 685-2776.

INMARSAT Flat Plate Array Antenna
The model 9722-800 INMARSAT Mini-M flat plate array antenna operates over the frequency range of 1525 to 1559 MHz (receive band) and 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz (transmit band) with a gain of 9.5 dBic (min). In addition, the antenna features right-hand circular polarization, a noise temperature of 88 K at 20° elevation, SWR of 1.5 (max) and an axial ratio of 4 dB (max). RF connectors are SMA female right angle. Weight: 6 oz.
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Cohasset, MA
(781) 383-9722.

1850 - 1990 MHz Indoor Antenna
The model DB791SD5S-M small indoor antenna (from the company's PCS dbDiamond series) is designed to provide users with an unobtrusive solution to indoor coverage. The antenna has a horizontal beamwidth of 129° and a vertical beamwidth of 75° and is easy to install on the wall or ceiling. The antenna features a built-in connector and 12-inch pigtail that is hidden when mounted. The unit is suitable for placement in most large rooms, extended open spaces and locations with high ceilings. In addition, the antenna covers a frequency range of 1850 to 1990 MHz with a gain of 2 dBd (4.1 dBi) and a front-to-back ratio of 14.5 dB (avg). The unit is also offered in a DCS frequency of 1710 to 1880 MHz. Size: 1.65" x 3.50" x 1.60". Weight: 2.5 oz.
Allen Telecom Inc., Decibel Products,
Dallas, TX
(214) 634-8502.