ZTE recently announced it has gained the largest share of the tender for China Mobile's CM-IMS Phase II Project (VoLTE included) across China's 28 provinces, with over 70 percent. This exactly reflects ZTE's leading position in IMS core network solutions.

Being a leading IMS supplier in the industry, ZTE has widely distributed its IMS products across the globe and been actively participated in various main stream operators' testing. Besides, ZTE started to cooperate with China Mobile in VoLTE at an early stage, covering areas such as standard internationalization, international MSF testing, rule formuation and IOT tests and so on.

As the world's 4G network construction is booming, VoLTE voice business has already become a main solution in the 4G era, which is also a best option for the majority of 4G operators. Currently China Mobile has built the world's biggest 4G network and it has long announced that VoLTE would become the voice solution to LTE in June 2013, when its VoLTE white paper was released.

ZTE has been in partnership with China Mobile since China launched 4G network construction. Through this tender, ZTE further demonstrates its resolution to further cooperate with China Mobile so as to build the world's biggest VoLTE network. Meanwhile, both sides have also been collaborating on 5G technology and R&D of more new products. Conceivably, ZTE has played a significant role in leading 4G/5G construction in the future.