Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd., the UK based manufacturer of RF and waterproof connectors and cable assemblies, offers customers what is claimed to be an unrivalled fast delivery service for custom products. The company’s extensive in-house design experience and UK sourced components enables the company to respond to customer enquires within 48 hours and begin production immediately on acceptance of design specifications.

Intelliconnect manufactures a wide range of standard coaxial, triaxial and waterproof connectors, which provide platforms available to be modified to create a custom product. Additional features including bespoke termination, extended operating frequency range, special plating or different case material (such as stainless steel) may be specified or a completely new design made as required.

Most cable assemblies are application specific and the company can produce conventional cable and semi-rigid types including cryogenic semi-rigid cables for applications requiring operation at very low temperatures. Turnaround time for delivery of a custom designed connector product from Intelliconnect is seven weeks from the customer’s approval of the design drawing, no matter how complex. Bespoke cable assemblies are typically delivered in two weeks.

The experience Intelliconnect has in the supply of custom products makes the company confident that it can fulfill all of customer’s requirements satisfactorily without making design or non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges, and no minimum order quantity (MOQ) is required. The company can also provide free prototypes when the first production order is placed.

Roy Phillips, managing director of Intelliconnect Europe, commented, “We have a vast amount of design experience in our engineering department, using UK sourced components and manufacturing in our own factories enables us to offer very attractive lead times. We are known for our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing for high volume requirements.

“From the beginning Intelliconnect set out to offer high quality UK manufactured RF connectors, which not only meet our customer’s technical requirements but also their manufacturing system’s requirements and our cable assembly business has the same ethos. Reliable component supply and on-time deliveries are more important now than ever, UK sourced components and manufacture mean we can support our customers with a full JIT and Kanban service.”

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd. manufactures a wide range of standard and custom RF connectors including the Pisces waterproof series. The company also manufactures a large range of coaxial adaptors, to facilitate inter-series connection and gender change etc., and connector and cable assemblies to customer specific requirements are also undertaken. Typical applications include marine, oil and gas, medical, defense and general microwave markets.