Coax Cable Strippers and Center Conductor Pointer
These coax cable strippers and center conductor pointer allow the cable to be bent first and then stripped and/or pointed. The tools produce a perfectly dimensioned point even if the conductor is cut long. Tools are also available to strip and point after the connector body is attached. Cable sizes can range from 0.021" to 0.250". Specialized versions of the tools are available to trim the extended Teflon, excess solder and cable back to the reference plane of the connector. Stripping tools also are available for microminiature flex cable.
Florida RS Technology,
Palm City, FL
(561) 221-8188.

Soldering System
The FlashSoldering™ series system provides a plastic receptacle with SMT contacts in a lead frame configuration or stand-alone lead frame with wire capture features that locate and retain very fine insulated magnet wires during the soldering process. A diode laser is then used to simultaneously remove the insulation and reflow the contact's solder plating to the wire without damaging or contacting the wire. The contact requires no added solder or flux. Applications include terminating miniature toroids, DC-DC converters and local area network filters.
Teka Interconnection Systems,
Rancho Palos Verdes,
CA (310) 831-8486.