Cellular/GSM Low Profile Patch Antenna
The model S8248P12NF cellular/Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) antenna features a low profile design for minimum visual impact for discreet antenna installations. The unit is engineered with high quality etched copper circuitry to improve cellular service quality, decreasing both interference and lost calls. The antenna consists of a single broadband microstrip patch that provides 8 dBi gain with a nominal 65° x 70° half-power beamwidth. SWR is 1.5 and impedance is 50 W. The cellular patch combines good RF performance in a discrete antenna housing that can be mounted easily in challenging situations. This antenna housing is vacuum formed out of polyvinyl chloride in a rugged, UV-stabilized radome that is weather resistant for outdoor applications. Custom configurations of radome finish, color and texture can be provided to complement and blend within any environment. Size: 8.00" x 12.00" x 1.75".
Cushcraft Corp.,
Manchester, NH
(603) 627-7877.

Dual-polar, Low Profile Panel Antennas
The BTS series high diversity gain, dual-polar, low profile panel antennas feature enhanced mobile network coverage and good isolation performance without sacrificing other performance parameters. Specially tailored polarization properties enhance diversity gain at +/-60° hand-over angles especially. The +/-45° panel antennas exhibit good azimuth tracking and polarization orthogonality over a 120° sector, lightweight rigid construction, slim 39 mm depth styling, and good reliability and production repeatability.
Inotek Ltd.,
Sittingbourne, Kent, UK
+44 (0) 1795-427000.

5.3 - 18 GHz Horn Antenna
The model C390-203 compact, ultra-broadband horn antenna operates from 5.3 to 18 GHz. The antenna is circularly polarized with a low 4 dB (max) axial ratio across the frequency band. The antenna's input utilizes a TNC female connector. The antenna is capable of handling 200 W CW input power and 1 kW pulse, making the unit suitable for high power electronic countermeasure applications. Additional specifications include gain of 1 to 6 dBli and SWR of 1.8 (max). Size: 2.20" x 1.20" x 5.25". Weight: 4 oz.
Microwave Engineering Corp. (MEC),
North Andover, MA
(978) 685-2776.