API Technologies Corp., a leading provider of high performance RF, microwave, millimeter wave solutions, announced the launch of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions. API’s DAS interface trays are used to facilitate reliable performance of wireless and broadband devices by boosting coverage and filtering interferences, resulting in improved signal strength and alleviating issues that arise when large numbers of people are trying to send or receive messages, calls and data in a densely populated area.

A report from telecommunications industry analysis firm IGR projects distributed antenna system spending will reach nearly $30 billion by 2018. “This new offering expands our product footprint in systems-level solutions for the growing commercial wireless market and leverages our expertise in cross coupled cavity products, power, and PIM management. Already an established leader in transmitter / receiver and filter technologies, we see the launch of this new line as a natural extension of our capabilities,” said Rick Graham, vice president and general manager, RF, Microwave, and Microelectronics (RF2M-US), API Technologies.

DAS solutions are typically installed in locations where there are large numbers of mobile devices for voice and data communications, such as arenas and stadiums, convention centers, multi-tenant high rise office buildings, hotels, casinos, and health care facilities to optimize wireless network capacity and performance.

API’s low PIM DAS interface tray provides a single connection point when using single or multiple base stations. The DAS interface trays are easily configurable and fully compliant with multiple carrier and neutral host requirements supporting a broad range of frequency bands ranging from 380MHZ to 6GHz including public safety, cellular, PCS, and LTE services. The modular and scalable designs meet the future wireless expansion needs of our customers while relieving the need for additional infrastructure. API’s DAS solutions have low levels of passive intermodulation distortion (PIM), with designs achieving PIM ratings as low as -160dBc, ensuring minimal RF interference and improved performance of the DAS system.

The solution suite includes:

• DAS Interface Trays: The DAS Interface Tray standardizes the connection between the BTS (base transceiver station) and the DAS head-end equipment. The easily-configurable, compact unit provides a single connection point for cellular base stations. Supporting MIMO, MISO, SISO, and SIMO deployment configurations. The DAS Interface Tray provides integrated variable step attenuation for each channel with an adjustment range of 30 dB in 1dB increments. This unit improves the uplink by attenuating the uplink signal with minimal impact to the receive signal.

• DAS Combiner Trays: An optional add-on to the DAS Interface Tray, the low power DAS combiner tray is designed to boost capacity by linking multiple sectors of one network carrier or for working within a multi-carrier environment as a neutral-host system. Multiple DAS feeding assembly configurations are available to meet system requirements.

• DAS Attenuation Trays: This line of low PIM precision variable step attenuator trays and fixed attenuator trays are available in standard RF path configurations of 3, 4, 5, or 6 input/output ports, with custom configurations available to accommodate up to 12 ports. API Technologies’ attenuation solutions for the DAS interface are optimal for applications where the DAS head-end requires a host to present one simplex transmit and one simplex receive per sector, per technology. API’s solutions allow you to attenuate two Rx paths independently for maximum flexibility.

For more product information and detailed technical specifications, visit: http:// micro.apitech.com/distributed-antenna-systems-das or call or call +1 (888) 553-7531. The new DAS product line joins the company’s growing line of products supporting commercial wireless applications, including co-location and wireless site deployment solutions, duplexers/diplexers/multiplexers, and one of the broadest selections of sophisticated filter products in the world, including high performance cavity, lumped, ceramic, and coaxial filters. Learn more about API Technologies and our products at www.apitech.com.

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