Teledyne Microwave Solutions revealed a new line of YIG tuned band-reject filters that covers the frequency range of 125 MHz to 18 GHz. Powered by a new patent-pending technology that overcomes several of the long-time design limitations inherent to YIG Band-Reject, or “notch” filters, the new TMS product line delivers to customers several major performance advancements that are unparalleled to date in the industry.

“As any veteran engineering professional in our field knows, achieving the ‘perfect notch’ in YIG band-reject filters is the long-sought but ultimately unachievable goal,” said Isaac Pimentelli, Product Line Director for YIG, BAW and Filter Products whose team developed the technology.  “That said, this new technology brings us far closer to the ideal YIG Tuned Notch filter than we’ve ever seen before now.  My colleagues in the industry will find these filters, with their vastly improved design margin, able to make their future system design projects much, much easier and cost-effective while simultaneously achieving higher performance levels.”

Used primarily for electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasures (ECM), and microwave receiver applications in military markets, some of the major performance advantages of the new TMS product line are:

  • increased minimum rejection bandwidths and notch depth at lower frequencies vs. standard band-reject filters;
  • a reduction in the maximum 3dB bandwidth at higher frequencies vs. standard band-reject filters;
  • a reduction in spurious responses across the board;
  • higher Frequency Bands available up to 20GHz.

For more specific performance information, engineers can examine the RF specs and DC parameters for each model in the product line.  Additionally, they can review performance plot graphs for the new model F3755 YIG Tuned Notch filter.  The plot on the right shows the notch shape and rejection bandwidth as the new filter tunes over the 2-18GHz Band.  For comparison, the plot on the left is a prior technology 2-18GHz filter.  Comparing the plots of the performance of the old filter vs. the new filter dramatically illustrates the advantages of the new design.

Until now, the performance of YIG band-reject filters was significantly limited by the unavoidable trade-offs between the 3dB bandwidth at the high end and the notch bandwidth at the low end of the frequency range.  The new TMS technology allows design engineers to make the 3dB bandwidth at the high end much narrower while making the notch at the low end deeper and wider than ever before, without degrading any other electrical parameter.

The new design also offers enhanced performance at much lower frequencies than were possible ever before with current technology.  Using these filters, engineers can overcome today’s design limitations by achieving a previously unachievable trifecta: wider notch bandwidth plus greater notch depth plus narrower 3dB bandwidth.  With the added benefit of reduced spurious responses, this filter line delivers unequalled performance.

Featured products in the new TMS filter product line include:

  • two new YIG Tuned Band-Reject Filter models F3750 and F3751 covering 125MHz to 1500MHz never before available with YIG technology;
  • a single 500MHz to 2600MHz filter with 6 MHz minimum 40dB rejection bandwidth, with only 70MHz maximum 3dB bandwidth with 3dB maximum rejection spurs;
  • a single 2-18GHz filter with 12MHz minimum 40dB rejection bandwidth, with only 125MHz maximum 3dB bandwidth and 4dB maximum tracking spurs.