Rogers Corp., a global technology leader in the development of high performance printed circuit materials, announced that its division previously known as Advanced Circuit Materials is changing its name to Advanced Connectivity Solutions (ACS).

This name change represents an important philosophical shift in how Rogers approaches its printed circuit materials segment by expanding its potential areas of business beyond existing material sets into new areas of RF/Microwave and Digital connectivity.

According to Jeff Grudzien, Vice President of ACS, “Looking at our product innovation and technical support strengths in the microwave and digital communication industries, you can see how our business unit name could start to box us in from reaching our full potential.  Although the name “Advanced Circuit Materials Division” served us very well to get us to this point, it was time to change the name to one that helps us pave the way for future growth and expansion. As a result, I’m happy to announce that effective today, we are changing our division name to ’Advanced Connectivity Solutions.’” 

The recent acquisition of Arlon, LLC in January was a major step in this evolution of the ACS business. Through this acquisition, Rogers is able to bring a broader portfolio of problem solving solutions to its global customers.  In addition to popular printed circuit materials such as AD300C™, and CLTE™ laminates, the Rogers portfolio now also includes the 91ML and 92ML Thermally Conductive Substrates for effective heat dissipation in mobile internet devices and consumer appliances.