NRP_47529_03_largeThe completely redesigned R&S NRPxxS and R&S NRPxxSN USB three-path diode power sensors offer unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy, even at low levels. The sensors enable 10 000 triggered measurements per second with a minimum trigger resolution of 100 µs. A special mode permits 50 000 equidistant measurements per second.

The improved design decreased the lower measurement limit to –70 dBm, resulting in a very wide dynamic range of 93 dB. The R&S NRPxxSN model offers both a USB and a LAN interface, ideal for remotely controlled applications over large distances.

Both power sensor models are available for three different frequency ranges, from 10 MHz to 8 GHz, to 18 GHz and to 33 GHz – the largest choice of ranges on the market.

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