CTS Corp., through its subsidiary, CTS Electronic Components Inc. will introduce three new product families of ceramic monoblock duplexers and a family of diplexer filters at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Phoenix, Arizona on May 19 - 21, 2015. Each family offers a single “universal” printed circuit board footprint which supports all of the major cellular frequency bands. The Universal Metro-Cell Duplexers (UMD), Universal Small-Cell Duplexers (USD), Universal Pico-Cell Duplexers (UPD), and high-performance universal Diplexers (DPX) filters are designed to provide the power handling and performance requirements of LTE infrastructure systems.

The CTS new UPD are 44 mm long monoblock duplexers that provide the required levels of rejection, insertion loss, peak power handling and reliability for carrier-grade multi-band Pico Cells with linearized power amplifiers that cannot be met by SAW, BAW or FBAR filters. These duplexers deliver 61 dB of rejection with insertion loss of less than 3.0 dB. The input power rating of 1.5 Watt average and 15 Watt peak is suitable for systems of 24 and 27 dBm RF power at the antenna port.

The USD duplexers are 63 mm long monoblock duplexers offering impeccable performance for indoor and outdoor small-cell and low-power per element active antenna arrays. These filters are also ideal for “whole-band” indoor DAS or carrier-aggregation systems of 0.25 Watt at the antenna where additional rejection is required. These duplexers deliver 71 dB of rejection with less than 2.6 dB of worst case insertion loss. These are rated for input power handing up to 6 Watt average and 60 Watt peak.

The UMD duplexers are constructed as a match pair of 62 mm long bandpass filters, precisely designed for outdoor metro-cell, active antenna arrays, remote radio head and other applications supporting 4 to 10 W at the antenna. They are also essential for “whole-band”, distributed antenna systems (DAS) or carrier-aggregation systems for 1 Watt at the antenna  where additional rejection is required. These duplexers deliver 80 dB of rejection with less than 2.2 dB of worst case insertion loss and are rated for input power levels up to 20 W average and 200 W peak.

The new CTS duplexers and diplexers are operable at temperature ranging from -40° to +85°C and all have a return loss of at least 12 dB worst case. Most importantly, they address all of the major LTE bands, including the most challenging ones and all with a common PCB footprint.

“LTE infrastructure providers need platform solutions with better performance in a smaller size which were not possible with commonly available technologies,” states vice president & general manager of CTS Electronic Components, Mario Saucedo. “We’ve devoted a team to refine our industry leading ceramic filter technology and developed these next generation filters for a full range of small cell systems to alleviate mobile data congestion. Our universal footprint series achieve a new level of performance enabling a quantum reduction in system size.”

These revolutionary filters will make their debut at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Phoenix, Arizona at booth #2930 on May 19 - 21, 2015. For more information and specifications, call us today at +1-800-982-5737 (North America), +65-6481-1466 (Asia) or +1-508-435-6831 (All Other Regions) or email RFFilters@ctscorp.com, or contact a supporting CTS Sales Representative or one of CTS many distribution partners.