Handheld E-/H-Field Monitor
The model FM5501 portable, single-probe E- and H-field monitor offers a wide range of display, control and alarm capabilities for field-related testing. The instrument accepts input from any one of eight of the company’s isotropic probes (sold to match applications) that connect to the monitor via a fiber-optic cable. Features include an RS-232 digital interface for remote operation; audible, user-selectable field strength; temperature and low battery alarms; and a highly reliable graphic liquid crystal display. Readings can be displayed simultaneously from each axis of a three-axis probe and a composite axis.
Amplifier Research (AR),
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181.

9 kHz - 30 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
The model MS2667C spectrum analyzer covers the frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 GHz and is designed for analyzing signals used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave radio networks at the research and development, manufacturing and maintenance stages. The unit can be used to measure channel power, adjacent-channel power, occupied bandwidth, C/N and noise power. Measurements are conducted automatically and limit lines are available for easy pass/fail testing. Specifications include overall level accuracy of +/-2.3 dB over the entire frequency range, phase noise performance of £–95 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and £–83 dBc/Hz at 30 GHz, and noise floor performance of £–115 dBm at 1 GHz and £–91 dBm at 30 GHz. Price: $29,500.
Anritsu Co.,
Richardson, TX
(800) 267-4878 or (972) 644-1777.

Programmable Load Pull Tuners
The model CCMT option H2/H3 programmable load pull tuners for fundamental and harmonic tuning perform independent selective tuning at the fundamental and one harmonic frequency (2fo or 3fo) from less than 1 to 44 GHz. These tuners can be used at the source and load side of transistors to simultaneously determine the optimum impedances at fo, 2fo or 3fo for power, gain, efficiency, intermod and adjacent-channel power rejection.
Focus Microwaves Inc.,
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
(514) 335-6227.

Multipath Fading Emulator System
The model MP2700 multipath fading emulator system is designed to test third-generation mobile and base station equipment for IMT-2000 and W-CDMA, and digital television applications. The system simulates one or two wireless communication channels with propagation over as many as 24 simulated signal paths for more rigorous frequency-selective fading and delay tests. The channel propagation model is updated with 12-bit real-time processing using 65 MHz digital signal processing technology for precise and realistic multipath fading emulation. The unit features an RF bandwidth of 24 MHz and adjustable output power from 0 to –120 dBm in 0.1 dB increments. The system includes a built-in computer, Windows™-based graphical user interface for easy setup and operation, and IEEE-488.2 interface for remote programming.
Noise Com Inc.,
Paramus, NJ
(201) 261-8797.