The DLI brand of Knowles Capacitors will be launching an increased range to their ‘UX’ Ultra-High K Dielectric at the MTT-S IMS 2015 show on Booth 129.

‘UX’ material has the highest dielectric constant of any of DLI’s wide variety of materials and allows for higher capacitance values in existing case sizes, or smaller sized components – all achieved without sacrificing performance. The material is space qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K.

This new 50V rated dielectric complements the existing 25V rated material and is available to be specified across DLI’s broad range of standard Thin Film architectures - including Di-Caps®, Border Caps®, Bar Caps® and Gap Caps®.

With the temperature stability of an X7R material and a dielectric constant of 25,000, UX is the ideal solution for ultra-broadband decoupling, broadband DC blocking, amplifier stabilization and energy storage applications.

Full specification is: Capacitance Range 51 to 10,000 pF; Temperature coefficient of capacitance ±15% @ -55° to +125°C; Dissipation Factor < 2.5% @ 1 MHz; Insulation Resistance >103 MOhm @ +25°C and Dielectric Withstanding Voltage of 250% of rated voltage. Finished products exhibit excellent dimensional tolerance and are Ideal for epoxy and wire bond assembly.