Teledyne LeCroy announces automated physical layer transmitter compliance test capability for the MIPI M-PHY standard. The new compliance test software, QPHY-MIPI-MPHY, enables the highest level of confidence in M-PHY compliance by measuring a large number of cycles in a short period of time. Testing can be done on HS-MODE, PWM-MODE and SYS-MODE signals at all currently specified GEARs. A new active termination adaptor specifically designed for M-PHY testing ensures connection between the device under test and the oscilloscope is made in a simple, cost-effective, high fidelity manner. The new QPHY-MIPI-MPHY compliance software leverages the QualiPHY automated test framework which provides connection diagrams, automated oscilloscope operation, and report generation.

Advanced M-PHY Debug and Analysis

Included with the new QPHY-MIPI-MPHY compliance test software is the powerful M-PHY physical layer and protocol decode debug toolset. This comprehensive protocol decode, physical layer testing, and eye diagram analysis tool simplifies M-PHY system and interconnect design and debug. Advanced time-saving measurement and analysis tools show physical layer measurements and decoded protocol information side-by-side, providing correlation between the physical layer and protocol details. This combination of physical layer test and protocol decode is crucial for quickly determining the root cause of compliance failures.

Comprehensive End-to-End M-PHY Testing

The new M-PHY physical layer transmitter compliance test package joins a strong set of M-PHY focused test solutions offered by Teledyne LeCroy. This comprehensive set of products and test capabilities includes the Eclipse x34™ Protocol Analyzer for M-PHY protocol test, and the PeRT3™ Phoenix M-PHY Receiver Test option for M-PHY receiver test. These new products join the company’s existing oscilloscope tools for M-PHY transmitter test and protocol decode.

The Eclipse x34™ Protocol Analyzer is a standalone M-PHY analyzer featuring hardware support for multi-lane x1 through x4 at HS GEAR1, GEAR2 and GEAR3. Hardware connectivity supports multiple probing methods including, M.2, SMA, Multi-lead and Mid Bus solutions. The Eclipse x34 supports the M-PCIe, SSIC and Unipro/UFS protocols.

The MIPI M-PHY Receiver Test solution for the PeRT3 Phoenixis the firstand only protocol aware receiver test solution for the M-PHY bus. It provides physical layer receiver testing for the MIPI M-PHY protocol, and comprehensive support of HS GEAR1, GEAR2 and GEAR3, and PWM Mode (G0-G7) at the full range of data rates. In addition to automated conformance testing, margin testing and automated calibration, the PeRT3 contains user customizable state-machines to model real serial data protocols.

This full family of products offers end-to-end testing for the mobile market, and will be showcased at the MIPI Alliance Members Meeting in Seattle. For more information, visit Teledyne LeCroy’s website at