Linear Technology introduces the LTC5564H, a high temperature grade RF Schottky peak power detector that operates from 600 MHz to 15 GHz, and has ultrafast detection response time of 7ns from a pulsed RF signal. The device has an on-chip fast latchable comparator with a total detection and propagation delay of 9 ns.

The LTC5564H’s fast response times enable many new RF and microwave applications that other slower devices are not capable of supporting. For example, the device can detect desired signals such as a fast radar pulse, accurately regulate RF power amplifier power levels, and support envelope tracking and spectrum analysis. Also, the device can detect undesired signals such as RF PA overdrive, fault conditions and radio signals used to activate jammers. The device’s high temperature capability extends its usability and survivability in applications required for operation in harsh environments such as in high power PA amplifiers that typically run inefficiently and hot in cellular towers, automobile engines, aircraft and wireless infrastructure equipment exposed to extreme temperatures.

The LTC5564H accurately measures RF input signal levels from -24 to 16 dBm. The device has a programmable gain output amplifier with four gain settings that are digitally controlled with two binary-weighed logic input pins. This ensures improved sensitivity when measuring low level signals. Also, the output amplifier has bandwidth capable of demodulating the envelope of an RF modulated signal up to 75 MHz.

The LTC5564H’s fast on-chip comparator threshold voltage is user-settable, enabling a flexible trip point to detect specific RF power levels. Its output can be latched by asserting a latch-enable input, permitting fast capture of a short-duration, single-event signal or a fault condition. Best-in-class performance enables unprecedented speed in timing measurements, rapid response to fault detection and RF power measurements in RF/PA and microwave systems in harsh operating environments.

The LTC5564H can be powered from a single 3.3 or 5 V supply. Normal operation draws a current of 44mA. The H-grade device is rated for case operating temperature from -40° to 125°C and is 100 percent tested over temperature. The LTC5564H, priced starting at $3.44 each in 1,000-pieces quantities, is available immediately in production quantities. An industrial grade is also available that is rated for operation from -40° to 105°C. The LTC5564H comes in a small 3 x 3 mm 16-pin QFN package. For more information, visit