Quintech Electronics and Communications, a leading manufacturer of RF signal management and transmission equipment, will unveils its XTREME 256 Matrix, a next-generation L-Band Matrix switch that radically reduces satellite earth station energy, space and cabling requirements at SATELLITE 2015 , March 16-19, in Washington, D.C.

Quintech’s next-gen XTREME 256 is a 128x128 scalable L-Band Matrix switch that delivers a more than six-fold (6.5X) reduction in electrical power consumption, while saving over 3.5 miles (5.6km) of RF cable runs per comparable system.  

“The XTREME 256 greatly increases satellite and teleport facilities’ operational capabilities while vastly reducing power requirements, cabling and rack unit footprint,” says Dan Prushnok, CEO of Quintech Electronics & Communications Inc. “The business case for replacing the industry’s installed base of older, large-configuration legacy RF matrix switching systems with the XTREME 256 offers a high return on investment (ROI).”
The XTREME 256’s unique design reduces the number and length of cables and connections up to 97% compared with legacy systems, which can require miles of coaxial cable and 1,000s of watts of power to operate.  Advanced RF design and power management technology allow the XTREME 256 to achieve industry leading RF performance while cutting power consumption by up to 80% —for greener operation.
Compared with legacy systems, which are very labor-intensive to install and maintain, the XTREME 256 Matrix reduces labor and maintenance requirements while enhancing productivity and uptime through features such as hot-swappable component cards and redundant power supplies which can be rapidly and easily replaced.
Additional XTREME 256 advantages include:

  • Flexible matrix architecture (patent pending) allows symmetric or asymmetric configurations
  • Integrated expansion technology eliminates the need for external splitter/combiner modules for expansion up to 384x384".
  • Scalable, modular, multi-chassis architecture expands up to 2048x2048.
  • Built in self-testing and diagnostics for instant fault detection.
  • Hot-swappable RF cards plus redundant and hot-swappable controllers, fans, and power supplies provide the highest uptime for critical applications.
  • Most compact size 128x128 matrix fitting in a 12 RU height x 20” depth chassis
  • Local control via 15” front-panel touch screen, and multiple industry standard remote control options including web GUI, TCP/IP, SNMP, etc.

“With its superior operational cost savings, reliability and enhanced feature set, Quintech’s XTREME 256 RF Matrix Switch brings expansion by reduction to the NOC, Teleport and Cable Head-end,” says Quintech’s Prushnok. “Large commercial network operators are continuing to choose Quintech for its reputation for delivering RF signal management solutions with the highest value.”  
Media and industry are invited to booth 6053 at SATELLITE 2015 in Washington DC, March 16-19, 2015 to see Quintech’s XTREME 256 and learn more about how the technology can reduce operating expenses and increase performance in broadcasting and satellite ground facilities.
For more details, visit:www.quintechelectronics.com