Sales for Siklu’s EtherHaul system saw double-digit growth in 2014, characterized by increased demand for bandwidth in core operator and service provider markets. The company sold more than 10,000 EtherHaul units in 2014, representing more than 50 percent year-over-year growth.

Millimeter-waves are also seeing greater adoption in new markets that require high capacity connectivity on the street as well as on rooftops. Sales expanded from traditional operator and service provider networks to security networks, smart city networks, and gigabit-to-the-home providers.

Siklu has achieved its industry leadership with its all-silicon technology, which lowered costs and prices and enabled mass market millimeter-wave adoption. More than 23,000 EtherHaul units are already deployed worldwide, in all climates.

Sky Light Research expects 2015 to be a year of triple-digit growth for millimeter-waves as the adoption of high-capacity 60 GHz radios into new market segments starts to ramp.

“Siklu, a leading pioneer in the market, has an attractive 60 and 70/80 GHz offering which should continue to serve them well in capturing market share,” said Emmy Johnson, Founder and Principal Analyst at Sky Light Research.

“Last year, we introduced the revolutionary EtherHaul-600T, which offers gigabit capacity on the street in the smallest form factor on the market. It provides advanced networking, high capacity, and reliability at a compelling price. This innovation has opened up new markets for millimeter-wave connectivity,” said Siklu’s CEO, Itzik Ben-Bassat.

“We expect rapid growth in the coming year with 60 GHz deployments on the street complementing 70/80 GHz backhaul and aggregation. We plan to continue our rapid innovation cycles for these new market segments, delivering increased value at a compelling price.”