ZX60-183A+The ZX60-183A+ two-stage amplifier provides high gain in a very small package, only 0.75” x 0.74” x 0.46” high. Internal compensating circuitry provides a consistent, very flat response over the full bandwidth. Designed for 50 Ω SMA coax systems, the gold-plated package uses convenient 5 V DC power, and has a nickel-plated brass cover and unibody construction for rugged use.

  • Wideband, 6-18 GHz
  • High Gain, Very Flat Response, 28 dB ±1.6 dB typ.
  • Excellent Isolation, 65 dB typ.
  • Unconditionally Stable performance

Key Features : 



Wideband, 6-18 GHz, usable over 5-20 GHz

Wide frequency range supports a wide array of applications, from microwave radio and radar to military communications, satellite communications, and countermeasures

Excellent Gain Flatness

±1.7 dB gain flatness across entire bandwidth minimizes the need for external equalizer net­works, making it a great fit for instrumentation, test lab, EW, or any other amplitude-sensitive system

High Gain and Excellent Isolation

28 dB gain with reverse isolation of 65 dB (38 dB directivity) prevents leakage, making the ZX60-183A+ an excellent choice for minimizing interactions between different microwave components. It is an ideal LO driver amplifier and provides designers system flexibility and robustness when integrating cascaded RF components

Unconditionally Stable

No risk of damage to other components from impedance mismatch or internal oscillation