Rogers Corp. will be showing samples of the company’s wide range of industry-leading printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials at DesignCon January 28-29, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.

John Coonrod, senior market development engineer for Rogers Corp. will be participating in a panel discussing, “Isn’t Gbps Design Complex Enough? Now High Speed Circuit Boards Act Like Microwave Components” on Tuesday, January 27 from 4:45 - 6pm.

Representatives from Rogers Corp. will be at Booth 749 with information and insight on the use of their circuit materials, including the RO4000® series. RO4000 series circuit materials include RO4003C™laminates, with a dielectric loss tangent of 0.0027 at 10 GHz, and UL rated flame retardant RO4835™laminates, with a dielectric loss tangent of 0.0037 at 10 GHz. RO4000 series materials feature a low z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) over a wide temperature range for reliable plated-through-hole performance in multilayer circuits. RO4000 laminate material with Rogers Corporations’ proprietary LoPro®reverse treat copper foil solution are ideal for applications requiring low insertion loss characteristics. With its reduced electrical variability due to its smoother copper surface, RO4000 LoPro circuit materials maintain consistent performance  for reliable broadband performance from Digital through RF and microwave frequencies.

Visit Rogers’ booth to learn more about the new microwave wavelength calculator available on the ROG Mobile app for fast and easy calculations of electrical length, phase delay, wavelength fractions, circuit size reduction and material comparisons.

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