Low Frequency Absorbers
The RFSW series low frequency absorbers are thin magnetic elastomeric sheets supplied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for quick installation to an RF cover or circuit. The absorbers can be supplied in flat sheets or die cut to individual pieces to reduce the cost of production installations. Typical thickness of the material ranges from 0.020" to 0.125". At a thickness of 0.170" the material has a resonance at approximately 1400 MHz. At 0.415" the resonance is below 700 MHz with a flat 5 dB reduction. Weight: approximately 1 lb per square foot for every 0.060" of thickness.
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Urethane Foam
Thin versions of the company’s PORON" urethane foam are now available for making thin gaskets and pads used in small, portable electron devices. The PORON 4701-50 series thin materials are cast in thicknesses down to 0.017". The thin cast materials retain resistance to compression set that characterizes all PORON formulations. In addition, the materials provide a long-lasting compressive seal, are low outgassing and meet stringent antifogging criteria. Applications include use in constructing liquid crystal display lens gaskets for pagers, personal organizers, cellular telephones and navigation or GPS systems.
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