Mini-Circuits is very pleased to announce that Ted Heil, Mini-Circuits vice president and chief operations officer has been appointed as president.  He succeeds Harvey Kaylie as the second president in the company’s 46-year history.  Mr. Kaylie will retain the position of chief executive officer, continuing his involvement in the company’s development and business strategy.

Mr. Heil has served Mini-Circuits for the past seven years as vice president and chief operations officer.  He has over 30 years of experience in the RF and microwave community in numerous executive positions.

Harvey Kaylie commented, “Going forward, we need new energy, new product lines and disciplined management. To achieve this goal, I have appointed Ted Heil as the new president, and I am confident he will be successful.  I look upon this transition as a milestone leading to a bright future ahead.  We will continue to find new ways and set new and improved standards for our company and for the industry.”

“Mini-Circuits has many outstanding traditions and values on which to build,” said Mr. Heil.  “Our focus will remain on preserving those values, while at the same time navigating the changes in our business climate to adapt and grow profitably.  I am excited for this challenge.”

The entire Mini-Circuits team looks forward to carrying the company’s mission and vision into the future under Ted Heil’s leadership.