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Comtech PST’s solid-state power amplifier (PA) module delivers 600 W peak output from 8.5 to 10 GHz with 58 dB nominal power gain.  Designed for radar applications, the BMC858109-600 PA handles pulse widths from 300 ns to 100 µs at duty cycles up to 10 percent and less than 1 dB pulse droop. Typical rise and fall times are under 60 ns.  Input VSWR is better than 1.5:1 and output VSWR is less than 2:1.

The amplifier design uses GaN devices in an AB configuration to achieve high efficiency and low harmonics.  DC to RF efficiency is 20 percent and harmonic levels are better than -40 dBc for the second, and -50 dBc for the third.  The PA operates from a single 40 V supply and nominally draws 7.5 A with a 10 percent duty cycle signal.  The operating temperature range is 0° to 55ºC, measured at the base plate of the unit. 

The design incorporates detectors that sample forward output and reflected output signals.  The output samples are 50 dB below the forward and reflected signals. The PA has built-in protection that prevents exceeding the maximum pulse width, duty factor, temperature and load VSWR. The RF input connector is SMA, while the output features a Type TNC. The unit weighs 4 lbs. and measures 8.8" × 8.0" × 0.5".

The amplifier features a digital interface for monitoring status.  It also provides an option for controlling gain and phase, which enables the PA to be integrated into higher power radar systems using conventional binary or phased array combining. This capability supports power levels up to 16 kW.

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